02 September 2007


Do you like bugs? I do! Yeah, I know, the correct term is insects, as bugs are just a small group of insects, but alas, I shall call them all bugs anyway!

I just walked in on one of my fine cats (Tyrone) eating a spider. My normal policy would be to save the spider, but he was already pretty damaged, so I decided to let nature take its course. Spiders are one of my favorites! We have Hobo spiders here in the Northwest...such a lovely specimen! The exterminators like to scare people telling tales of the Hobo eating human flesh. Yeah, so? I personally would rather have a spider who bit and chewed my leg. Why you ask? I would probably feel it and be able to stop him. Whereas the other spiders, having bit me once, would have excreted a flesh 'melting' substance into my leg, so he could suck out his food.

Moths are another of my favorites. How can you not love them? They have little fur coats!

Now I do have some that I'm not so friendly to... mosquitos. Sorry mosquito. But besides being a fine food for some other fine creatures, I find you to be a great nuisance. If a wasp or fly are stuck in the house, I usually don't use my usual trap and release policy. Sorry guys.

With roaches I have a love-hate relationship. A fine bug...when NOT in my house! Stay away from my house roach! One apartment we lived in in Baltimore had them...and no matter what we did we couldn't rid ourselves of them. A) that area is FULL of roaches. Just go for a walk at the Capitol building at night and look at the ground. Those things running away from your feet...roaches. B) when you live on the 3rd floor and have disgusting, uncaring neighbors below you, you're SOL. Needless to say we got a new apartment! 1st floor...ground zero! No roaches. Okay, except for one. He was a lovely oriental roach, I kept him in a jar, fed him wet crackers and named him Ted. Then I lovingly released him in a field. (oriental roaches don't have wings!) Did you know the american roach loves beer?

Okay, so I figure at least 50% of any who read this will be grossed out. I find there are few people who desire to talk bugs with me. I hope you'll try looking at these fine creatures with fresh eyes. They're really magnificent! (And apparently tasty snacks to Tyrone!)

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Marion said...

Erica, I wanted to tell you that I rescued a nice sized moth from Tyler and Scarlet the other evening..."you know, they wear little fur coats" was just stuck in my head. :)