26 September 2007

I had a visitor today...

Today I was shopping in the quilt store when I felt something weird on my neck. When I felt something big with my hand I brushed it away. I found I had this beautiful little bug on me! I instantly recognized it's shape...a stink bug! But I easily picked him up and took him outside. He was crawling all over my hand...super friendly. In fact, I had a really hard time getting him to leave my hand. I wonder if they're all this friendly, or if I'm lucky I didn't get a stinky present!

I am very proud of my friend Marion. She recently saved a lovely moth from certain death! Yay Marion! :)
We also have a fine looking garden spider by our front porch light. She actually chases bugs that fly near her web! It's fun to watch! Careful moths!

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kcamou said...

Your love of bugs amazes me!