10 September 2007

This Is Your Brain...This Is Your Brain With Kids...

You know, so many times I've thought of something I might like to chat about...and somehow, after 5,000 questions from my darling son, a few dozen screams and wails from my lovely daughter, and a handful of rants and raves from my loving husband, I've forgotten what those things were! Hmm, I wonder why?

Most times it feels as though my brain has been that egg on the drugs commercial. Someone cracks it into a bowl...no not a skillet, a bowl. And then they take their electric beater and scramble the crap out of it. I can only hope that one day in the not so distant future, that person takes that scrambled egg and makes a nice omelet...maybe some ham and a whole lot of cheese. And then I can get back to normal...whatever that was!

1 comment:

kcamou said...

Erica, I'm right there with you! I don't think my brain even begins to work until at least an hour after my kids have fallen asleep. LOL!