31 October 2007


Happy Halloween!

I just love autumn! The other day I took the kids to pick out pumpkins. We went to a local farm. Each of the kids got one of those tiny pumpkins, I got two big ones for the door and a corn stalk bundle. (it even had corn on it still!) It really made me appreciate where I live now as the farm is only a few blocks from our house, yet we live right in town. How wonderful is that? I love the city life, but I think the country life suits me better.

Have you ever read the book Country Mouse City Mouse? It was one of my favorites as a kid. Funny, I liked the country mouse's life better. More relaxing...

My knitting is coming along very well. I taught myself intarsia (barely) and fair isle last week. My instructor said I was ready for a sock class, so hopefully I'll be taking that in December. It's the magic loop technique. But I still want to try dpns. There's a mitten pattern that uses them, I might try that!

I caught a yarn sale online the other day...but I really didn't buy too many of the sale items...funny! I now have the yarn for a beautiful shawl, a pair of fingerless gloves (could use those right now!), socks for my mom's Christmas present, a lace shawl, and another scarf/shawl thing. All of that only cost me $36 with shipping! Yay! It's really great because the yarn called for in the first shawl alone would have been $95! (Of course, it's alpaca...mmm. I might make another one some other time! For now it'll be wool.)

I also bought some fabric for an 'outer space' quilt for my son. He's very excited about it! He wants it finished now! I'll be working on that shortly.

I sure could use a digital camera. I'm half-tempted to buy one of those Hello Kitty ones at Target just to have something. Of course, I don't even know if my computer will cooperate. I need a new one of those too!

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