01 October 2007

My incredible spider friend

I mentioned the other day about the lovely spider who chases her prey. Well tonight I saw her catch a moth that flew too close to her web. It was rather amazing! I didn't even know she was on her web. I saw this funny 'lump' in the corner, and thought she'd abondoned it. But alas, she was the lump! I read that these spiders make a new web each day...injesting the previous day's web. She had quite a few large bugs the other night...could she have eaten them all?
Here is a picture...again, not mine. (someday I'll get a digital!) You can see her beautiful cross-like markings. They're really so pretty in person. The color seems a little washed out in the photo.
I'm very happy to say that the other night my son came to me and said, 'momma, there's a spider crawling on me.' And he patiently waited while I picked it up and put it somewhere else! It makes me happy that my efforts to raise bug-loving children seem to be working! :)

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