18 October 2007

Taking a break

Boy have I been stressed lately! I decided to take a bit of a break from the internet. I think it's helped, but I'm sure I'm missing out on things. You wonder why I'm stressed? Well, I think it's mostly just the normal day to day stress but it's built up over a while, and I just need to let some of it go. I also have 2 or 3 swaps (quilting related) that I need to work on. Have I mentioned that I'm a procrastinator? But sometimes, I really don't have time to play those games, yet I play them anyway, and this is what I get for it...

We recently purchased some new lighting for various spots in the house. One spot being the front door. My husband asked me to move my fine spider friend or he'd do it himself...meaning, of course, he would squash her. So I moved her to the other side of the door, and when he was done, put her back over by the light. But I don't think she likes the new light as much. Poor thing!

Today my son found a wooly bear caterpillar. He had fun letting it walk on his hand. They become one of my favorite moths. They're white, furry and have neat black and white striped legs. They're fun to hold too because they're so active they vibrate!

I had a knitting class this evening...though it's now the next day as I've been working on my purse for so long! I'm making a cute little felted bag in a lovely green yarn!

Tomorrow, which is really today, I have a hand quilting class. It's the thimblelady method which is supposed to be easier on the hands. That's quite appropriate as I've worked them too hard this evening! You know, if I'd never gone to the doctor, I wouldn't think much of it, but I have been to one and so I feel like I'm falling apart. I've got carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis. I wouldn't have asked about my hands, except when I was pregnant with my daughter my fingers were numb for 3 months straight...that's when I learned of my CTS. I was only in high school when I found I had arthritis. Geez loweez! But like I said, if I had never gone to the doctor, I would have thought that everyone's hands felt like this...no biggie!

Speaking of falling apart, I think I'm going to try to do something about this lovely excess weight I've been carrying around. I'm not sure what though. The most realistic thing would be going to a gym, but I don't like doing such things without a buddy, and alas, I haven't one. Maybe yoga? I love classes. We'll see. Wish me luck!


kcamou said...

I am right there with you in regards to falling apart. I also have CTS and tendonitis. Let's not even discuss the excess weight. LOL! I tend to over extend myself too and that always lead to being stressed out. I'll say a prayer for you!

Marion said...

Hey Erica -- I feel your pain, I vote for Yoga and learning how to breathe and relax is good for us all around. I've been doing Yoga for a year now and really enjoy it, and I'm way fluffier than you are! =)

BTW, I'm with you and Kimberly -- yep, falling apart!