05 December 2007

My list!

This'll be fun! I'll share my Christmas list with you!

  1. What I really, really want for Christmas is a digital SLR...hope I get it!!!
  2. I'd also love some gift certificates for fabric, yarn, and scrapbook stores...I'm very into scrapbooking right now...just need that camera to take some pictures...
  3. I'd like something to renew my husband's spirit so he wouldn't be so cranky every day...
  4. Each of my kids could use an attitude readjustment... why can't we all just be happy?
  5. A little bit of snow for the week of Christmas would be great too!

That's not too much to ask, is it?


Marion said...


I hope he gets you that digital SLR CAMERA!!! I think if your hubby got you a new digital SLR CAMERA he would be cheer up just because he would be making your first wish come true.

I hope everyone's attitudes get tweaked just the right way. Thinking maybe if you got a little snow it would help.

All the best with your wish list!

kcamou said...

Erica, how was your Christmas? Did you get anything from your list?