18 December 2008

I have a follower!

So Theresa, was it pity or are you bored? lol :) Either way doesn't matter to me! When I put that little gadget on my blog I decided that the very first follower I got would be special, so you win a prize! :) I'm not sure what it will be yet...I'll get back on that one. But if you could e-mail me your address, that would be helpful.


SuzanneRenee said...

hey there! Yes, you can use sizzix dies on it! :) They work just like the cuttlebug dies. The cuttle bug will take any length of paper, but it wil only take things up to 6" wide. But it embosses and cuts! You can also use other dies too, but I don't know other brands, but I know you can use them! haha... you can use nestabilities and I think quick cutz too, but I've never tried. Good luck! hopefully you found all the advice you needed at Treasured Scrapbooking!

Theresa said...

I think you will love your cuttlebug once you get to trying it out. It will also work with quickutz dies from what I was told. Go to this website and look at her dies. www.ohmycrafts.com. She has lots of cuttlebug stuff. Shipping can be slow, but the prices are worth it if you are not in a hurry.. BTW.. I feel so special that I get a prize.. =) I'll email you my address. You really don't have to send me anything.. I like helping other scrappers and I like when others follow me too... lol.. Us cherry scrappers have to stick together you know... ;)

Anonymous said...

Fyi you can use any all kinds of different dies in your cuttlebug. That is the best thing about it. It comes with three different size cutting blocks to adjust from the thin dies to the thick sizzix dies. No other die cutting machine allows you to do this. This was the main reason why I bought the cuttlebug. I had more option of dies to buy not just what cuttlebug makes. You will love it.