19 December 2008

Mr. Brown, are you okay?

I was supposed to get a UPS shipment yesterday. At about 6 am the message on the tracker was 'adverse weather.' And indeed, we have a good deal of snow, and some lovely ice underneath. But then around noon sweet Mr. Brown left the facility to start his deliveries. My husband said there was no way he was going to deliver to the top of our hill. I still held hope!

But here it is almost 4am and alas, no package. But that's not the surprising part...I don't think Mr. Brown made it back to his warehouse! My tracking still says he's on his way! I highly doubt that after not delivering some of his packages, that he would go back to base and not log them into the computer to let us know what was going on. Possible, but just not likely.

So Mr. Brown, are you stuck out there? Have you abandoned your truck leaving our precious merchandise alone in the cold? Could you be right down my hill? Come on up to my house! It's warm and we can rummage through your stash and try to guess what everyone's getting.

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