21 December 2008

No package...

I went to UPS yesterday. I was greeted by a decent sized line, but nothing ridiculous. Little by little the counter people would go look up the location of people's packages. The person would take the tracking number (which most people, but not all, brought) and look up the status. If the package was on the delivery van, they could get it for you, but many were still in the semis or sorting facility where they could not. There may have been 5 people ahead of me, but it took over 30 minutes for my turn. True, it took quite a while for the people to find the package on the vans, but then, when not found the customers would stand there and argue for a good 5 minutes or more! I understand that there were special circumstances for some, but most were just people like me taking a chance, and for them I have to say, get over it!

A lot of us were chatting and I told the people (as we shook our heads at some of the arguing customers) that they were going to love me. If they couldn't find mine, I was just going to leave! No big argument!

Finally the boy took my tracking number and it was in the delivery van so he went to find it. Roughly 30 minutes later he came back. Guess what? He couldn't find it! So you know what I did? I thanked him, told him I would just wait until they were able to get it to me, and left!

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