21 December 2008

The Storm

We were nervous yesterday. We were supposed to get a storm with some wind and around here, even the tiniest wind storm can cause a blackout! But alas...we barely got a thing. A town maybe 30 minutes away in the foothills got it, but somehow it missed us! YAY! We did get a tiny bit more snow though. Here's the lake now...(Sorry about the fence) The ducks are huddled together keeping that small spot unfrozen.

My neighbor Pete came over yesterday and game us this wreath:Isn't it gorgeous? It's all real...he's a horticulturist and gives us a real wreath each year. I always hang it on the door, but we miss out on the smell that way. He's such a sweet, sweet guy. And you should see his yard! It looks so natural, but yet too perfect to be.

I made him a quilt, but I haven't quilted it yet. Makes me sad! I was going to send it out so it would be nicer than what I could do on my machine, but I think I might just do it myself now so I can get it done.

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