31 December 2008

New Year's Eve

Sure doesn't feel like New Year's Eve! My plans for the day are to get some lo's done for various challenges that I had wanted to enter, make a lo about the new year and what I want from it, and maybe run some errands. Perhaps that sounds reasonable, but believe me, it's not. That's way too much stuff for one day...at least one of my days!

At the very least I have to go to the post office where a package is patiently waiting for me! (Oh, and no, there's no sign of the UPS man in the near future. Unless they decided not to update their computers!)

What are your hopes for the new year? Any resolutions? I have one...it's a broad spectrum one though! I am actively going to make my house something I'm proud of! I'm always complaining about how ugly it is, blah, blah, blah. Well I'm going to do something about that! (not that I can do much, mind you. It is what it is. But just because the structure is ugly doesn't mean its contents have to be! Or that I should just give up!) Wish me luck on this!

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! We've been out of power all morning...

21 December 2008

Huge Blog Candy!

No, not mine!

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(just love that bird too!)

The Storm

We were nervous yesterday. We were supposed to get a storm with some wind and around here, even the tiniest wind storm can cause a blackout! But alas...we barely got a thing. A town maybe 30 minutes away in the foothills got it, but somehow it missed us! YAY! We did get a tiny bit more snow though. Here's the lake now...(Sorry about the fence) The ducks are huddled together keeping that small spot unfrozen.

My neighbor Pete came over yesterday and game us this wreath:Isn't it gorgeous? It's all real...he's a horticulturist and gives us a real wreath each year. I always hang it on the door, but we miss out on the smell that way. He's such a sweet, sweet guy. And you should see his yard! It looks so natural, but yet too perfect to be.

I made him a quilt, but I haven't quilted it yet. Makes me sad! I was going to send it out so it would be nicer than what I could do on my machine, but I think I might just do it myself now so I can get it done.

No package...

I went to UPS yesterday. I was greeted by a decent sized line, but nothing ridiculous. Little by little the counter people would go look up the location of people's packages. The person would take the tracking number (which most people, but not all, brought) and look up the status. If the package was on the delivery van, they could get it for you, but many were still in the semis or sorting facility where they could not. There may have been 5 people ahead of me, but it took over 30 minutes for my turn. True, it took quite a while for the people to find the package on the vans, but then, when not found the customers would stand there and argue for a good 5 minutes or more! I understand that there were special circumstances for some, but most were just people like me taking a chance, and for them I have to say, get over it!

A lot of us were chatting and I told the people (as we shook our heads at some of the arguing customers) that they were going to love me. If they couldn't find mine, I was just going to leave! No big argument!

Finally the boy took my tracking number and it was in the delivery van so he went to find it. Roughly 30 minutes later he came back. Guess what? He couldn't find it! So you know what I did? I thanked him, told him I would just wait until they were able to get it to me, and left!

19 December 2008

Mr. Brown update...

Today at 6am Mr. brown left, yet again, to try to deliver my package! The weather hasn't changed, nor the road conditions, so we'll see what happens.

And my husband is actually thinking about going into work. I don't get that. True, I've never worked in a profession such as his, but give me a break! Two days off aren't going to end the world.

Mr. Brown, are you okay?

I was supposed to get a UPS shipment yesterday. At about 6 am the message on the tracker was 'adverse weather.' And indeed, we have a good deal of snow, and some lovely ice underneath. But then around noon sweet Mr. Brown left the facility to start his deliveries. My husband said there was no way he was going to deliver to the top of our hill. I still held hope!

But here it is almost 4am and alas, no package. But that's not the surprising part...I don't think Mr. Brown made it back to his warehouse! My tracking still says he's on his way! I highly doubt that after not delivering some of his packages, that he would go back to base and not log them into the computer to let us know what was going on. Possible, but just not likely.

So Mr. Brown, are you stuck out there? Have you abandoned your truck leaving our precious merchandise alone in the cold? Could you be right down my hill? Come on up to my house! It's warm and we can rummage through your stash and try to guess what everyone's getting.

18 December 2008

I have a follower!

So Theresa, was it pity or are you bored? lol :) Either way doesn't matter to me! When I put that little gadget on my blog I decided that the very first follower I got would be special, so you win a prize! :) I'm not sure what it will be yet...I'll get back on that one. But if you could e-mail me your address, that would be helpful.

15 December 2008

We got snow!

Winter just doesn't seem right without snow! And we've got it...for now. (I'll take whatever I can get!) I'm really in the Christmas mood now. Suddenly my house isn't so ugly, my kids aren't so rowdy, my husband's not so cranky, and the bank account isn't that empty. All is right with the world!

09 December 2008

My friend the swan...

We live on a tiny little lake so we get to see many great wetland creatures. This year a swan has decided to stay with us for the winter! I just love to hear him honk... (he does it fairly often)

But here it is 3 o'clock in the morning and he started honking. You really have to wonder what would make him honk at this time of night. He did it maybe 5 times, and now all is quiet. I hope he's okay.

We have a boring/ugly sort of house. But our location is priceless...

07 December 2008

I made this little card the other day using these instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FXoDtw6WCE
It was so easy and fun so I'll definitely be making more! For this one I used the Scribble Scrabble Suzy Snowflake line, which I received in a kit I get from Moments 2 Remember (http://moments-2-remember.com/store/).

I put up one of my Christmas trees yesterday. It's a little fake white one that I decorate with pink ornaments. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's so pretty! (Although I have to admit, I also think it would be great with bright red and green.)

04 December 2008

Really missing snow...

Each year I get more and more depressed about living here in the Northwest. It's a fine enough place, but winter without snow just isn't right! The last thing I want to see out my window on Christmas morning is green grass!

Before my son was born we would go skiing. I suppose that helped a bit. At least I saw snow on a regular basis, even if it wasn't in my own yard. (What's a childhood without sledding?)

I have an idea...I'll be back!