14 January 2009

A new day...

I'm happy to say I'm feeling much better today! I even have some good news...I got my daughter to take a nap in her crib! Woo-hoo! Yes, she yelled a for like 15 minutes straight, but then she settled down and took a nice nap! But then, at bedtime, my husband (having worked for 15 hours straight) felt 'too exhausted' to 'try' to get her in bed. There's no trying, you just have to pick her up and put her there! But apparently only super-mom can do these 'amazing' feats! (she says with an incredibly sarcastic tone)

So tonight, after waking up to the chain-saw serenade floating from my husband's throat, the way-too-hot blankets I threw on myself when I was chilly, and the need for a drink, I walked back into the bedroom and there was no longer room for me... got to love it!

I found a pic I took of Snoqualmie falls during the flood. (The first day that 203 was open to the south. It was our only way out of town!) You really have to know what it's 'normal' flow is like to appreciate this, but it was raging! In fact, this is the only pic I got off before my lens was completely soaked! During the summer you can walk down on the rocks near the bottom...not today!
Well, that's enough sharing for tonight! Wish me luck on getting back to sleep!

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robin said...

well, at least she is sleeping, right! :)