13 January 2009

So out of sorts...

I hate it! ( I can hear my parents saying 'hate is such a strong word') But I do...feeling out of sorts that is. Especially when you don't know how to get up out of it. I have the desire to go re-organize my fabric stash (which is funny because it's the only thing that I actually have organized). And normally I would go do that and say to heck with sleep, but my husband is getting up at 1am to go to work and my daughter is sleeping in my bed, so she'll probably wake up when he does. (Yes, she's still afraid of something. It's really taking it's toll on us.) Is anyone still wondering why I feel odd? lol

So what am I going to do to get myself back to normal?

Okay, you know what? I'm bringing us all down, and I hate that too! :) Let's talk about something fun, shall we?

Today I went to the library in North Bend and got a book suggested by someone on one of the MBs I belong to. North Bend is oddly far away to be going to the library, especially when they'll send it to my local branch, but I felt like taking a ride. Some of the road that I normally take is still washed out, but it was a nice trip.

Recently, I've noticed that my posts are more words than pics. That isn't fun, is it? So here's a random pic of an afghan I'm in the middle of. (Yes, it'll probably take years to finish at the rate I'm 'working' on it!) I think it's pretty though...

I'll leave you with that, and tomorrow I'll make a post in a fully upbeat manner! :) lol

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