27 February 2009

Friday again!

What a wonderful day Friday is. I think it's my favorite. Yes, we still have work and school, but it's filled with the promise of a fun weekend, and knowing that in just x hours you're free. Sometimes that's better than actually being free. (I know we have a tendency to feel like we wasted most weekends.)

Today is especially nice because our fine friend the bald eagle has returned to the lake! Yay spring-like weather! I even did some weeding the other day before it rained. It was wonderful!

Yesterday I read the 3rd book of the Midnighters series by Scott Westerfeld. I did NOT like that ending! I won't say anything, in case anyone wants to read it, but it didn't give me the happy closure I NEED when reading a book. So that left me a little bummed. Now on to a new series, Yes, I've succumbed. I think every lady out there is reading these. Can you guess? Yes, Twilight. I'm hoping I'll like them...I do love vampires! Speaking of which, has anyone not read Bram Stoker's Dracula? You must! I don't think I could love a book more...

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