16 February 2009

I'm back!

At least for a little bit anyway! I don't actually know why I left in the first place. I think life was getting hectic and I needed to simplify. Yes, that's it!

Okay, so did anyone watch the last Monk episode...Abra caDorfman? Guess what? I talk like that Dorfman guy does! *head hanging...lips pouting* Well, not to such an extreme, but I looked at my husband and said, "I do that!" And he smiled and said, "I was just thinking the same thing!" Alrighty then...and I wonder why I can't seem to make any friends!! I think it's obvious...I'm a kind, considerate FREAK! :)

Oh well, so be it! I guess that's just what happens to a person when they have almost no one but themselves to talk to for what? 10 years, slightly more. Although, I have had kids for the last 6 years...but does that really count? I think not...

Actually, speaking of talking to my husband, I might as well talk to the cat! He doesn't acknowledge me when I speak. No eye contact, no 'mm,hmm,' nothing! Sometimes he doesn't even answer posed questions. Yet he swears he was listening! He also has a habit of answering 'choice questions' with a yes or no. (eg. Do you want to go now or later? Yes. So I have to ask which one he said yes to....and he doesn't get it! Does that sound like someone who's listening?)

Okay, so now I'm crying! That's just how I've been lately, feeling sorry for myself and all. It must be really painful for a person to talk to me. Sad part is that I enjoy talking to people.

Okay, I'm going to go talk to the cat.

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