13 March 2009

It's my lucky day!

Okay, it's not as exciting as it sounds...13 is my lucky number and Friday the 13th is my lucky day. Please, oh please, let me be in a good mood! True, I'm happy now, but once my son gets home and he and my daughter start playing too loud, or fighting, or interrupting it may be a different story. *sigh*

Once again, it's Friday and the sun is shining! :) Too bad I can't go out and fool around with my plants. They're all in the garage because we got snow again! Crazy! Mind you, I like snow and cold, but not after my plants all have nice big juicy buds.

Thinking of snow and spring made me think of flooding. I wonder if we'll have another one once it gets warmer. I don't watch the weather, and I don't ski anymore, so I have no idea how much snow they have in the mountains. You know, I saw some article about giving people who live in the flood zones a grant to build up their houses to escape too much damage. I just have to say...they didn't have to buy in a flood zone. They knew that perfectly well when they bought. So the taxpayers are going to pay them because they made a bad choice? How about giving money to reward all of us who decided to buy in a dry place? Of course, I don't really want that either. I say don't give out money at all! Maybe give them a super-nice rate on a loan, but not free taxpayer money!

Okay, that's not the way to start of my day right, is it? ;) So let's see what I have in my camera, shall we?

A couple of weekends ago we went to Bainbridge on the ferry. This is a view of Seattle from it. Too bad I don't have some sort of awesome camera!
I absolutely love the ferry because the seagulls like to fly along with it. They're so adorable! Also, sometimes on the Bremerton ferry you can see the sea lions (seals?) laying on the buoys. Cute! :)
This is the View of Mt. Baker from my son's school. I can't wait to go up in the summer! I haven't skied there before. It gets a ton of snow. It either once did or still does hold a record for the most snowfall or something of that nature. Very nice!Last but not least. what the heck is this little guy? I assume he's a type of fungus? If you know, please do tell! Isn't he adorable? He's got little seed looking things inside...
Here's the side view. They're like little bells! Hmm, I wonder where I put it? I don't remember. I'd think I would have saved it... I hate my memory sometimes!
Hope you have an excellent Friday the 13th! :)

Oh my, I almost forgot! Do you know what March 17th is...well besides St. Patty's day? My 33rd Birthday!

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