26 June 2009

Shop Hop Week!

This is the week of the Western WA Quilt Shop Hop. I started on Wednesday and brought my kids. They were wonderfully well behaved considering we spent about 12 hours in the car that day! They're both at the age now where getting a little square of fabric and having their passports stamped is fun. Although on the second (much shorter) day my son decided he no longer wanted fabric. I guess that was the sign that my time of happy, well-behaved kids was coming to an end...

All in all we went to 17 shops. You have to go to at least 16 to be eligible for prizes. I really wanted to do twice that (2 entries for the prizes) but it's a funky week for us. *sigh* I might go to 3 or 5 more just to make an even number of blocks for the quilt though...

The most amazing part of the week... I didn't go over my budget! Can you believe it? I know I can't! I'm like old faithful--you can always count on me to go over budget. But somehow, even with getting the kids tape measures, buttons, etc. to keep the peace, we didn't go over. Of course that also means I don't have a bunch of goodies to look at. :(

Want to see what I got?

Here are some fat quarters and a yard that was on clearance. I'm thinking pillowcase for my daughter with that...

Here's a gorgeous stripe! I've been looking for something like this. I only got 1.5 yards. I think I want more...
And this is a super tiny quilt hanger! Isn't it neat? My living room is Americana themed and I think I'll make a little something to hang on this... Yes, I realize all that stuff in the background is distracting, but I thought I'd leave it and give you a peak of my dining room... See my chickens?
So do you like the sharing of products? Should I do it more often?

Last weekend I went to a local craft store for their Late Night Sew which runs from 4pm to midnight. In the past I've signed up then dropped out a week before because I start feeling guilty about not spending that time with my family and all. But this week I was determined to go. (I needed a little break.) Well I planned to cut my fabric on Friday because a)I wanted to have everything ready to sew, and b) I didn't want to have a super sore back! Well, I didn't end up doing it on Friday, but I figured it was no big deal..I'd just wake up early Saturday and do it, then maybe take a nap before hand.

So guess what happened Saturday morning? My glasses broke! My beautiful green glasses for which I've received numerous compliments! :( So I couldn't cut my fabric, and I had to make an appointment for contacts, which I did get. I got to the sewing thing an hour late, and had itchy eyes all night. (It's been over a year since I've worn contacts.)

But that wasn't the end of the crap for the day. I brought lots of projects because I had no idea how much I'd get done and I also didn't know what I'd feel like doing. So I decided to start with a project that's many years old and not really my style just to get it out of the way. I spent all but one hour on that stupid thing and as I was piecing the last part I found I didn't have enough fabric (it was a kit)! I was pissed! So I decide to do the math (at 11pm) and make it work. So I figured out a solution, and made my cuts...1/4" too small! I was livid. Needless to say that sucker will never get finished, and if I ever see it again it'll be too soon! >:(

The moral of this story? Don't bother with a project if you don't really like it! ;)

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