09 July 2009

Happy 10th anniversary to me...

It was on July 7th. We planned to go back to Banff, but with the new company and all, it didn't pan out. (I can't believe we haven't been back yet. That was one of the reasons we moved here...to be closer.)

So that means that JJ and I have been together for 13 years. (Hmm, that's my lucky number. It should be a good year for us!) It's easy to remember because we got married 3 years after our first 'date.' Was it really a date? I don't know. We met at the Union station metro stop and walked around the mall. That was the best summer of my life! And then it was 2 years of long distance. (I'd go up to Penn State every month to visit.) Then he moved down to MD to be near me. Aahh, the early years...

Anyway, my super-sweet neighbor brought these over! They're all from his yard...which I covet. How sweet is that?
My parents came for a visit this past week. It was their 40th anniversary on the 5th. Whew, that's a lot of years!

One of the days we took them to St. Helens. It was nice, but we encountered quite a bit of traffic and JJ was missing his Navigatrix (that's what we call me, as I have a good sense of direction. He drives and I guide him. It took longer to get their because I wasn't in charge...)

Here are some pics:

Here is the mountain itself. A lovely viewable caldera...I thought this was cool. Thay have a little visitor's center and this is the reflection off one of the windows:This is a meadow-type-place. In the background you can just barely see some of the fallen trees:
And this is actually a picture of a picture of a weyerhauser site after the explosion:
Pretty cool stuff. How awesome would it have been to see that explosion in person...so powerful it ripped trees in half/out of the ground and sent them flying away. Of course, you wouldn't get to see much as you'd be dead...but all the same.

And here are some of my plants. The hydrangeas have bloomed...
This guy, which I may have shown you previously, is about to pop. I've never seen him bloom...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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