20 July 2009

Note to self: bring the camera!

Today totally feels like Sunday to me, so I'm a little out of sorts.

Saturday I went to Late Night Sewing at my local craft store. That's such a great way to get out and get some sewing done. I worked on some BOM's (from 2 years ago), a quilt I'm making for my bed, and my 30's quilt.

First, here are the fabrics for the quilt for my bed. It's the Ava Rose collection by Tanya Whelan. Mmm...
And these are the 30's charms.
I have more fabric that hasn't been cut yet. Overall I am going to have over 400 2.75" squares! Right now I'm trying for only 2 of each fabric in the quilt. But if I procrastinate longer, I might have enough that I won't repeat any fabrics! Wow...what a stash, eh? The quilt is called Sweet Memories from Darlene Zimmerman's Granny Quilts book. I actually saw one made up at a store, and that's when I fell in love!

Oh, and see the chicken* thing the fabrics are on? That's a tiny little stool! It's about a foot high. Lately I've been in to collecting small stools/furniture. Maybe I'll share that someday.

And do I even need to say that I bought some stuff while I was at the sewing thing? Of course I did! Here's a necklace waiting to happen. I don't know if I'll bead around the rivoli or just stick it in like that. Swarovski and Vintaj brass...two of my favorite things!
I also got a kit to make a little fabric 'paper doll' book. Have you seen this fabric? I just love this one little girl. In fact, I don't love the rest. So I find it funny that I only got one of her in the kit.
I don't like how grainy fabric gets in pics. But I'm not skilled enough to know how to change it. I also didn't have enough light this morning to avoid the flash. But I'm not patient enough to wait for the afternoon. :)

So here we come to the camera reference. Sunday we went on a little hike. Well, little for some people, not so little or easy for our out-of-shape butts! It's about 3 miles with a 500' elevation gain. At the end there's a great waterfall view (here's a pic I didn't take). But guess what? I forgot my *%&@# camera! >:( Maybe my son and I will do it again just for the pics. Unfortunately my daughter has decided she doesn't like walking downhill. She also doesn't pay attention to where she walks so she's got some slightly-scraped knees. But I think she did great for a clumsy 3yo!

Whenever I talk about her clumsiness I can't help but remember this time that we were walking down the sidewalk and there were some men unloading a truck. Well she was watching them so intently that she littlerally walked full-body into a wall! Poor thing, I couldn't stop laughing!

* I can't tell you how many times since we moved to WA I've encountered people who don't seem to understand that Roosters are chicken. Example: I was in a store and I wanted this thing that had many different designs. So I said I wanted the chicken one. She looked at me with a puzzled face and said, "you mean the rooster?" Uh, yeah... And that has literally happened several times! So in case you didn't know, all chickens are chickens. We call the boy a rooster and the girl a hen. But they are all chickens!

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