20 August 2009

hi ho-hi ho, it's off to IKEA we go...

My husband (let's call him JJ from now on, shall we?) has a meeting in the town where our IKEA is. So I suggested we go there for dinner, and the kids and I will browse while we're waiting for him. Now browsing isn't my specialty. I'm a shopper. And technically I have enough money to buy this drawer unit I really, really want, but I also want so many other things. We'll see what I can talk him into... ;)

So yesterday I'm crocheting along on my lovely gigantic granny square when I realize I've got a rounded corner. Yup, for the last 5 rounds I'd only put one dc set in the corner instead of the required 2.So here's where my craft-philosophy comes in. I'm going to leave it. I've started up the correct # of stitches again, but there will be a little pucker where I messed up. If I corrected all my mistakes I would get bored, and nothing would ever get finished. I know ladies who are sticklers for perfection. I've seen them pin at each and every seam in a bargello quilt, and rip it out if all the corners didn't match up exactly. That's so not me! Everything I make will have a serious flaw, that's just the way I roll...

But here's a funny--I show my, oh that's right, I show JJ the mistake last night and I say I wonder if I should undo all that. He immediately said, "NO WAY! That's a lot of work! And anyway, it'll be worth more if it's defective." :) Then he says, "Is that the one for our bed?" I say yes. "Well I'll check back on it in 2012." Yup, I've got a reputation!

I also thought I'd share with you a recent-ish purchase. Yes, I know I should wait until I'm finished with one project to buy stuff for the next, but I just can't help myself! (And I did promise myself that I'd finish this one blanket before I started on any other crochet project...and so far I've been able to resist the temptation. So far...)
(Isn't it yummy? Mmmm...)

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Puglette said...

hi erica, i saw your comment on betz white's blog and had to investigate. i loved your blogger name on the comment form! i am also in washington, down in spanaway. i am an unemployed mortgage worker and i also crochet and think about sewing. i'm only thinking about sewing as my machine needs an overhaul and a new place to live.

nice to meet you and i love your blog! you have a nice chatty writing style.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Why thank you, Puglette! :)

Anna said...

Dito, love your colours too!

Anna x