03 August 2009

You have got to be kidding me!

Okay, so I bought Mono's Formica Blues album in 1999 (98?) and I loved it so much that I went looking to see if they made anything else. Nothing! So I was disappointed, but checked every now and again to see if anything new popped up. Then after a few years I couldn't even find that album. I searched every online music store I could find...nothing. It was like they never existed.

So tonight I'm looking around for some good chill on Amazon, and guess what pops up? Not only did it pop up, but apparently they've been making new stuff this whole time!!! I swear to you--I checked so many times in so many places. I checked under Mono...under Formica Blues. Nothing!

So as dismayed as I am at this whole situation, I'm mostly just happy, happy, happy that I found them again! Off to make a purchase... ;)

Oh, and if you love chill too, I highly recommend the 'elemental' series. Those are some of my favorites!

Hopefully I'll get my rear in gear here soon so I can show you some new stuff...

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Bean said...

Hi E.... I don't know Mono.... but I have heard Barry "Mono"low.... just kidding :)