19 September 2009


This morning I finally decided to spend my $50 amazon gift card. I've had it for months. I know... how can one live with a delicious gift card burning a hole in the desk and not use it? Well...with all the books out there that I'd like to have, $50 really isn't that much. Yes, they sell other things...but as you can see, I have a hard enough time contending with my bookly desires, I couldn't possibly add other goodies into the mix.

So I decided to buy two of the harmony crochet guides. I skipped the edgings. I think it'd be nice, but I can wait on that. I haven't rented them, but I don't think I can go wrong. I also got this for my boy, and this for my girl. (I love Mo Willems and Miffy*!) Geez, how generous am I? :)

While I was there I thought I'd look at the reviews for that Crochet School book. I didn't find one that mentioned the cover pattern being missing. So it got me to thinking... After checking the page numbers I've found that this particular copy is missing pages 43 and 44! Hmm...what could be on those? My coveted pattern perhaps? Did a person of lesser morals covet it as well?

Remember that whole 'I'm going to finish the big granny square blanket, and I won't start any other projects before that, and oh, just this one little purse because it'll go so quickly' thing? Well, I started something else this morning. 0:) Barely started really. I decided to knit a lovely blanket! Problem is, it's been a year (or so...) since I last knitted, and you'd think I'd never done it before. It was awful! I was all thumbs, I couldn't control my beloved addi turbos to save my life. It was a mess... But I'll still give it a go. Practice makes perfect eh? (And hopefully makes one remember quickly...I've got lonely socks that need a neighbor!)

I did learn something from it though...perhaps it's good to have multiple projects going at once. A little crochet, a little knitting, a little sewing, a little beading...just so I don't forget and feel like I'm starting all over each time. You know?

So let's get down to business, shall we? Who's been giving my spiders steroids?
I've never seen garden spiders get so darn big! The picture doesn't really capture the size very well, but my finger is on the top of the leaf and she's on the bottom...I just love spiders... *happy sigh*

Here's one with some food... looks like a bee maybe?
For reference, this is a normal leaf...One day I went out and saw this crazy curled leaf... (I'd say peek-a-boo, but that's her butt...)I can confidently say 'her' because the other day I saw this!
BABIES! Isn't that so sweet? Tiny little babies...

A garden spider had babies by our front door as well, but they literally look like a sprinkle of pepper stuck in a web...until they move.

How was your weekend?

*That's the first time I've seen the Miffy wikipedia entry...I love that they have a statue! Love, love, love!

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Radka said...

Very nice photos and very beautiful handmade, you are very clever and talented. Have a nice day.