21 October 2009

18 days...

(it was foggy yesterday... couldn't even see the lake.)

In 18 short days, I will be at the Creating Keepsakes Convention!* I can't believe it's so close! This year Bean, my mom, is going with me. Ooo, it'll be horribly fun with a buddy!

Last year jj surprised me with a hotel room for the duration of the event. We only live ~30 minutes away, but he wanted me to have a proper break.** I assumed he'd be up for that this year, but somehow he 'forgot' that he did that for me, and 'forgot' all the spending money he gave me as well. How convenient... So this year I 'earned' some of it. I did little things for his business, and I forget what else...maybe that was it??? Let's see if he'll remember telling me (only 2 months ago) that he was going to match whatever I saved. Saving money is not my thing...at all.

I find it hard to have so many interests. I don't have that much time for my own things, so I find actively engaging in all crafts at once almost impossible. (I do hope that when my craft room is finished it'll be easier to have multiple things going on at once. A table for each craft...that should work.) Right now I'm in full-on fabric mode. Although I must say I've been crocheting while waiting for my boy at school. Oh, and I bought some bead stuff...but that was Bean's fault! 0:)

So anyway, I'm going to be in full-on scrapbook/card-making mode here soon. I do so love to make cards. I love rubber stamps (haven't done that in forever!), sparkly glitters, bling, patterned papers....Oh boy, do I love patterned paper! Although half the time I wish the paper was fabric instead. (Have you noticed that a lot of the paper patterns are indeed becoming fabrics?)

I will certainly share my convention purchases! Maybe I'll even tell you what classes we're taking at some point. Share the fun, I say!

So yesterday I almost completed yet another small something! But when I went to quilt it, my top thread wasn't coming out nicely, and sometimes it broke. I thought at first that something was wrong with my machine, but I'm thinking maybe it's just the tension. You see, I use Aurifil almost exclusively, for both piecing and quilting and almost never have to adjust my tension. But I put a thicker Superior King Tut*** thread in this time, so maybe I have to. Wish me luck on that! I'll share when I have it all finished...hopefully tomorrow.

Oh yes, I finished my Attic24 bag as well! No more granny undies! I haven't affixed the handles, but I think I like it better as a 'basket.' Hmm, maybe it'll be a handled basket though??? We'll see...I didn't have the directions with me when I did this last scalloped row, so I played with it a little. It's a *sl st, sc, 2dc, 2tc, a quadruple crochet, 2tc, 2dc, 1sc* repeat. Yes, I wrapped the yarn 3 times to make a quadruple. Why not, right? I mean, you could go on and on... for all I know this is commonplace, but I've not seen or done it before. Unfortunately, though lovely, this yarn de-plied (is that a word?) a lot, making it a little difficult.
I'm glad that at least some of you don't mind my rambling on because it's happening again!

I saw a post about some lovely summer flowers over at Vanessa's blog (I love her blog!) I am going to miss the summer color, but my sweet little plants haven't given up on me yet! I took these pics yesterday...

Look at my miniature roses! New buds, after a few frosts even!
(Love the dew on these)
Primroses have got to be one of the hardiest plants...This is the third bloom for those snapdragons! I'm definitely doing more annuals next year! Annuals and veggies!
I love the color on the trees. This is no Vermont, that's for sure, but I'll take what I can get!
(This is so much brighter in person...)
And finally some cabbage roses. Literally! This is the bottom cut of a baby bok choy (left) and nappa cabbage. Cute, eh?
Hope you're having a most wonderful week!

* Don't be fooled, it's not in Seattle, it's in Bellevue. Seattle is a more marketable name, I suppose.
**Isn't he sweet? Honestly, he's an incredible gift giver. He hates getting gifts, but the ones he gets for me are so thoughtful, in a tear-jerking way. I'm so very lucky and spoiled...rotten.
*** It's way happier and brighter in person.


Jackie said...

Sound like you are going to have a great time! I am excited to see what you come back with and what you will make. Lovely photos of all your foliage!

vanessa said...

Hi Erica, your bag as basket looks really good to me, and very nicely finished. Short little handles to keep it as a basket do you think? Thank you for the lovely mention of my blog, very kind of you. And aren't Roses amazing? So hardy, mine flowered right into winter last year, it was amazing. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

MichelleB said...

I love your Attic24 bag! It came out great. I think I need to make one - much nice than the plastic box that I'm currently using.

LittleGem said...

Hi Erica,
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I love your bag, I so wish I could crochet. Have a lovely day xx

Itch2stitch.com said...

I love your bag! Thanks for visiting me at my blog and leaving a comment, really appreciate it! Lovely to 'meet' you! Suzie. x

corry said...

Have a wonderful time at the convention, it sounds like you certainly will! I love the crocket bag and the pretty flower pictures. Have a great weekend Erica! Groeten, corry

solomi558 said...

Hello Erica, I,m cottonreel, I just popped over from canton market where you aid you needed a friend . I,ve joined yu as a follower, I like your blog and I ove your fabrics . Pop over to my place if you have time