27 October 2009

9 days ?!?

(My friend, the flicker, comes to tweet at me and eat the suet. Bad picture...but I can't get too close or he'll fly away. Hmm, actually, I guess that's a girl, she doesn't have a ruby cheek...)

Could there really only be 9 days until the convention? What about the weight I meant to lose? What about getting my glasses fixed? I'd wanted a new outfit!

I'm... not... even... in... paper mode... yet!!!!!!

Ahhh, calming breath... Yes, the time is creeping up on me and I'm in no way prepared. In fact, I've been, very literally, day-dreaming the last few days away... And no, I wasn't dreaming of paper.

But (was it last week?) I was very productive. Very productive indeed!

First let's talk about kits... That mini table runner I made a bit ago was a (mostly)pre-cut kit and pattern made up by a shop. They had me attach 2" strips round a 4" square. That leaves me with a 7" unfinished block...you with me? Then they had me trim it down to 5 1/8"! 5 1/8! You can't, without some kind of quilting ruler I've not heard of, neatly and evenly trim 7" down to 5 1/8" without either winging it, or having one side with an extra 1/8". Why have me waste almost 2" of fabric??? Why the extra 1/8? Okay, so I do that. Then they want you to cut them wonky...
But wait, 2 1/2" off of 5 1/8" only leaves 2 5/8. That's not wonky enough! In fact, it's just enough to make it look like the person sewing it wasn't very good at matching up seams!
It certainly doesn't look like their pictures...For a moment there I thought maybe one of the numbers was just wrong, but no, when I went to attach their pre-cut, correctly (to their directions) measured triangles, they fit! Amazing...

Then we come to our second kit. Another pre-cut one. I do love convenience...but what's this? Not enough of some, too many of others, and all sorts of inaccurate cutting! I had to use some squares that were a good 1/8" off, because otherwise I wouldn't have enough to complete the thing!(The top are rectangles, not squares. The bottom are extras.)

I say please...if you're going to offer a kit, make sure you cut correctly, and have someone check your pattern!

I did get two more little somethings finished all the same... The doomed by poor cutting, mini table topper...
And a cheery little halloween pillow cover, for which I have an improperly sized cushion. But I think it looks nice anyway...OOO! I just realized that I haven't received my convention tickets in the mail yet! I'd better check on that! :(


Cathy said...

Gorgeous bird! Yes, you had better check you have your tickets, still time for a new outfit I say!!! I agree with you about kits, they should always err on the side of generosity, not leanness!! xo

Anna said...

Such a great idea with the halloween pillow cover, looks great!

Anna x

Levin (and Emily) said...

I love that bird. How beautiful.
I trust you managed to sort out your tickets - and nine days is plenty of time to get a new outfit - goodluck ;-)