06 October 2009

Just a quickie...

(What's that? Could I be sewing?)

I just had to tell you that I signed up for a quilting 'thing' (it's the movie night...and check out that incredible quilt while you're at it. wow!) I kind-of can't believe I did it. But I thought because it's so soon (this Saturday) that if there are any openings, it was meant to be... I guess it was!

I really hate to leave my little family for that long...I really, really do. But momma needs a break sometimes, and I come home so very happy to see them. It's good for us all. And just think what I can get accomplished with such time! Ooo... just think!

So wish me luck that I don't have a change of heart by the time Saturday rolls around, and that I'm feeling in tip-top health. I have to say I feel much less tired today. :)

Now I've got to go buy some new comfy jammies! I technically spent every last cent I own until the 15th...but we know me! 0:)

I may do another post this afternoon...we'll see. It takes me so darn long to complete one silly little post. Such a scatterbrain, I am!


Jackie said...

That sounds like tons of fun!! Have a terrific time! You are right Mama needs a break sometimes.

Sarah said...

Your blocks look great Erica, keep it up! Very pretty.