03 October 2009

My week, part 1

My parents left today, and life went back to normal...almost. We all have colds. :(

We went for a most excellent drive today. We saw lots of adorable cows and the weather was perfect! Perfect for gardening really, but as I was spending most of my morning sleeping on the couch, I didn't do any of that...

So let's talk about my shopping adventures this past week, shall we? I have much to share this time around, so I think I'll have to split it between posts to keep things orderly. Not that I got a ton of stuff...I just have actual plans for some of it, and therefore I can't just put it in a huge stack and say here it is. I also did some sewing, you'll be happy to know! :)

So here's my bead store bag. I love to show jj a bag like this and make him guess how much the contents cost. He used to be easily shocked, but he's getting ever wiser and not guessing as low.Let's peak at its contents...Remember I told you about the ICE Resin? Well I also got these little bezels for it... oooo, I'm so excited! The possibilities are endless!I also got this vintage glass glitter... (See that shirt? That's my favorite shirt ever, and it shows. It's got paint, holes...it looks well loved. And yes, I do wear it in public!)

I wanted to wait until my craft room was ready, to play with the resin (keep it away from the kids and cat). But I think that might be too long for me... We've decided to completely strip the room...walls, floor, ceiling. That should take some time, if for no other reason than we have to somehow/somewhere move all my stuff out. :)

Next post...fabric!


Jackie said...

Having to wait to do a craft sometimes can be very difficult. I am sure that you will find a way. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with your purchases.

MichelleB said...

That Ice Resin looks so cool! I'd love to play with some.