19 November 2009

A nice visit...

(See the big ring around the moon? That's no photoshop effect. It really looked like that! I can't believe my camera picked it up! Cool, eh?)

Oh my, I'm downloading my camera right now and I had 119 pictures on there!

Today was my first parent/teacher conference of the year. It was rather pleasant. My boy's teacher is very sweet, and all seems well. So that made for a nice afternoon. Here's hoping it's a nice night. jj has to work overnight again...

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. We'll be going down to California to visit with my parents. It won't be a long visit because of jj's need to be at work, but hopefully it'll be nice. We have a few stops planned along the way which should break the monotony for the kids. They really aren't car people like JJ and I are... And it's supposed to snow on the passes so we might be taking jj's truck. It doesn't have the space or the DVD player that Bertha has. It also doesn't have the nav... oh well. I'd rather feel safe than have luxuries. And I'm an excellent map reader...if we need one.

One of the stops that we've planned is a visit to the Jelly Belly factory! I'm really excited about that one. I love the sweet little Jelly Belly guy, but what I really love is factories! They absolutely amaze me! It blows my mind to think how someone made machines that do what they do...how on earth? *sigh* That should be a ton of fun!

We'll also be visiting jj's sister at her home for the first time. That'll be nice as well! Hmm, speaking of which, I'll be seeing my brother...I haven't seen him for more than a year! Yay!

So I know I have a bunch to share, but I'm going to try to do it in pieces. That's really hard for me you know...the whole organization of what to share and when. Oh I really do have so much to share!

First let's address the convention. Guess what? I forgot to bring my camera! I know...how could I? But honestly, though great fun was had by all, the products weren't that exciting this year... I wanted pretty paper, I wanted bling... I didn't see much paper at all. How can that be? It all depends on the stores that decide to have booths. There just weren't a lot of paper-loving booths. Mini-books/albums were scarce too...another of my favorites. I did get a few sets of acrylic stamps though. I haven't done stamping in forever...hopefully I'll be doing more now that I blew all that money on them! And I got some stickles too. Those are absolutely essential...(Hmm...do I like greenish blues?)

(Some lovely brads)

So we're going to skip the convention for now and move right on to fabric. Due to the lack of products at the convention I had money left over! Of course I blew a ton of it on supplies to make stuff for Etsy. I don't know why I do that. I don't have enough motivation or discipline to get anything accomplished. I have great ideas/supplies for christmas items...but they should already be done and posted by now! *sigh*

These (except for the Japanese one, which is 1/2) are all 1-yard pieces...not my typical cut. Usually I like 1/2 yard at best. But aren't they divine? Look at those dots, and that stripe. I had to have them!(Alexander Henry Juicy Stripe, AH Coriander, Kokka Nordic Flora, AH Light Bright)

I decided it would be nice of me to share the names of the fabrics I show (if I know them) so that if you like them, you might find them too! And when you do, I'm sure you'll do something much nicer with them than I will, and I'll be jealous... :)

Here are some fat quarters I got in mid-October. I just haven't gotten around to showing you. I have a few purchases in that category. Aren't they yummy?(mmm...)

I got them from a lovely Etsy Shop called Cotton Thread Fabrics. [Okay, you know you have a fabric problem when you go to a site just to get a link, and you get sidetracked for 5 minutes before you realize what you were there for! :) ]

I hope you all have a lovely week...Thanksgiving or not! Do you have any special plans?

(Because of JJ's work I'm going to be bringing my laptop with me on the trip...but I wouldn't count on a post. Heck, if I can't do it when I'm here at home, do we really expect me to do it on the road? I think not...)


Jackie said...

Sounds like you are going to have a nice Thanksgiving trip. Hmmm... the Jelly Belly factory, now why don't they have anything like that in the east? I love the fabrics you chose from Etsy. Really cute!

Kala said...

There is an old Indian saying, that if there is a ring around the sun or the moon, then there will be a storm soon.

My family loved the Jelly Belly factory...you could get a sugar high off just the smell.

Wishing you and your family a very pleasant Thanksgiving.

corry said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Erica! I believe I have the same problem when it comes to fabrics!

Leslie said...

thanks for coming over to my bog to say hello and entering my giveaway. good luck to you. the fabrics in the header are a bunch of vintage sheets i used to make a picnic quilt...that i confess i was too afraid to use on the ground for real because i loved it so much

vanessa said...

Photos of fabrics always make me drool! And then there's the links! Today I'm being very self controlled and not going to the etsy link, I've still got too many Christmas presents to buy! Lovely fabrics you chose.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)