21 December 2009

I can't believe it!

Could it actually be the winter solstice? Could it really be? It went by so fast! And it hardly felt all that dark the last few days. What's happening to me? Could I actually be having a happy winter here? Could I? *faint* :D(funny layered fog)

Yes, as you may have guessed winter here in the soggy NW is not my friend. You could almost say I hate it. Ooo, and especially when I heard that my beloved Baltimore is having snow.
(the 'family' tree)

Speaking of Baltimore, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner/lunch last night. It was wonderful. I must have been in some crazy-happy mood, which only served to enhance the experience. You see, that place holds a lot of nostalgia for me. When jj and I lived in Baltimore, we'd go to the CPK in the inner harbour maybe once a week, or maybe it was every other week, alternating with Matsuri. It was so wonderful...the atmosphere, the food, the view of the water. All in all I have a great love for the time we spent there. True, we obviously felt the need to leave. Why, oh why, did we do that??? Couldn't we have just stuck it out another year, maybe two. I would have graduated from college, maybe we could have moved out of the hood... But we didn't. We moved here, and except maybe the first and maybe even second year we've been here, I've regretted it. And now I'm stuck. It's horrible to be stuck. It really is...
(My sweet santa tree topper)

But today I'm thankful. Thankful that I've been able to keep my spirits up through the usually dreadful end of fall.
(some favorite snowman ornaments)

So how are you doing today? Do you celebrate a December holiday such as christmas? Are you ready for it? We aren't. Not totally. Hmm, thought I'd already mentioned what we were getting for the kids..but I can't find it. So let me do that now!
(the slightly-gaudy, but more adult tree)

For my boy, the great lover of trains, we got a real model train set. He has lots of the thomas wooden stuff, but he's been yearning for the real thing. We were able to get the Lionel Harry Potter train on sale, so we got him a level crossing with lights and sounds and a platform station with lights as well! I'm excited. You know, I'd love to have a small christmas train layout for the family. Maybe I'll look into that. Wouldn't it be fun? A little snowy village, all lit up. I'd really like a z scale train...they're adorable! But who has $400 to spend on a tiny engine? Not me...

Now for my girl we were going to buy a big girl bed. But we ran out of money... I don't know how that happened. jj is the budgeter of money, and he says he's positive. And I do know that money is easily whittled away...but gone?!? Hopefully we'll be able to afford that soon...maybe for her birthday in January! This is the one we're getting. what do you think of it? I did buy her a cute sheet set and one of those mosquito net things at IKEA. Very excited about that. This dresser might be nice too. Of course I'll make up all sorts of girly quilts over time. Ooo...it'll be the room of my dreams...and hopefully she'll share my taste as she grows up! :)
As for jj, I don't think he's ever read my blog, but just in case, I won't say... Wonder what he'll get me?

As I mentioned before, my parents will be here tonight. I'm not at all ready for that. I need to tidy up a bit, plan some meals...geez, I still don't know what I'm doing for christmas dinner. I subscribe to Food Network magazine and they have some of the most delicious sounding recipes! I'll have to pour through this and last month's issue for ideas.

I suppose I should go get busy on that tidying before the day passes me by. Hope you're having a wonderful day! :)


Anna said...

I wish you and your family a lovely christmas time!

Anna x

corry said...

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year.