10 December 2009

My Thanksgiving trip

Oh I know...today (well, actually, yesterday) I was going to share something special with you. But I just realized that the pictures were still on my camera...and I'm too lazy to go get it! So I'll share my Thanksgiving trip instead. But first, let me just say that I did, indeed, work on something on Tuesday...in fact I finished it! But that picture is also on my camera, so you'll see it later. And hopefully I'll have a special something else completed by then!

So here we go. Hopefully it's not too boring. Usually we drive down to my parents in two long days, but this time we decided to extend the trip and make it more relaxing. And indeed, it was nice to make some fun stops. But we've found that the kids get cranky during car trips...and because the time in the car is a little shorter, they do less sleeping. Not so much fun.

The first day was pure driving...down to Medford, OR.

The second day we were on to California.
(Mt. Shasta. I do love a snow-topped volcano)(Shasta's little friend)

We went to see the Lake Shasta dam as well. We love to see dams. I believe this dam is the biggest dam in the US (???) by the amount of concrete it took to make. Or no, the second, the grand coulee being #1. Or is Coulee just the biggest span? I don't know...
This is the sunset at the dam. Nice...
The next day we went down to Fairfield , CA. The home of Jelly Belly jelly beans. (I'm eating some right now...) I didn't get any pictures there...

The next day we were off to Santa Barbara to see jj's sister and brother. That was such a nice drive. We went through San Francisco, and the part just north is so beautiful! I want to go there again to take pictures. It's kind-of marshy and there were all sorts of lovely birds.(I really loved the haze)

Of course we saw the Golden Gate bridge. And San Quentin and Alcatraz too. Those places give me the creeps in an exciting sort of way...like horror movies. The city itself is very nice as well. We're considering a stay there some time.

And I thought Seattle had some crazy-steep streets! Pictures couldn't capture the angles well enough, but I thought this hill was fun. We also went on Lombard. That name makes me think of Baltimore... *sigh*
We had a really lovely visit with jj's siblings. Santa Barbara is very nice. We would even consider a move there...if we were considering a move to CA. Which we're not.

Anders was excited to see the beach...
Then we went to my parents, celebrated Thanksgiving, etc.

On the way out we went through Tehachapi as usual. It's a windy place and they obviously take advantage of that... (you might have to click to enlarge)

The cows thought I was crazy...We hit some rain on the way which gave a lovely double rainbow...
The view behind...
That night we stayed in Redding, CA. The next day, for some reason, we got to looking around even though we had to get going. We saw signs for the 'world-famous sundial bridge.' It was nice, but world famous? I think not!It was in a very nice part of town...the whole area reminded me of Pennsylvania for some reason. Right next door was a museum and they had a Lego sculpture exhibit. Again, no pictures. Sorry. But really it's better to see in person... And honestly, though very nice, any one of us could make them with a little imagination (and a lot of money).

I did think this was neat though... A glass floor, and a tree complete with roots.

And to wrap up our trip, Oregon gave us the lovely sunset at the top of the post.

Are you asleep yet? :)


Cathy said...

Hi!!! Stunning photo's Erica, is your first pic a sunset or sunrise? Gorgeous colours. That street in Seattle looks very scary, so steep. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it and didn't even need to ask 'Are we there yet'?!!! xo

MichelleB said...

It sounds like fun. I love road trips!

ChickieChirps said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely trip.