08 December 2009

So lucky!

That's how I've been feeling these days... It might have something to do with the season. I've almost always gotten a warm, fuzzy feeling during Christmas time. True, I could find lots of things to complain about (can't we all). But when I look around me, and take it all in, I see I'm really a very, very lucky girl. And it makes me so happy!

Now jj is quite the opposite! He tends to be a bah-humbug sort of guy. His glass isn't half empty, it's completely empty and has started to mold... (aww, poor jj, not here to defend himself. But let me tell you, I'm right...) Apparently he doesn't get warm and fuzzy... But I try my best to sway him, and sometimes he comes half around!

Hmm, well then... shall we talk about the weather? Yes, let's!
It has been chilly here. I might need to start wearing a jacket if it doesn't let up!
Ooo, the weather channel has a warmer forecast than the local news did last night...by about 10 degrees! Next week should be a balmy ~43 degrees!
Right now it's 26. That's cold for here! But you know what? The sun is out! That's also odd for here. We've had a lovely string of cold, sunny days! I can deal. :)
Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I'm going to share, with you, something I got in the mail. Something oh-so-wonderful that I purchased from some oh-so-wonderful people!

Now I'm off to work on something.... hey, stop laughing, I really am! I think...


Jackie said...

What gorgeous photos! I am getting cold just looking at them!

Bean said...

Absolutely beautiful photos... I need a new camera :)

vanessa said...

Those crisp, clear wintry photos are just the ticket for Christmas! Christmas isn't Christmas without frost, or snow if we're lucky. I'm so glad you're doing your best to keep up the Christmas spirit! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Pokey said...

wow, the frost on the rose, and the spiderweb is beautiful. Br-r-r!