15 December 2010

Hello! Hello!

Did I show you these yet?  I don't think so.  I adore them!
Hello again.  As usual, it's been a while.  And also as usual, I've been thinking of posting now and again, but just didn't get around to doing it.  Too busy being lazy, I suppose.

a new wreath I bought.  Love the sequins!
I'd like to say that with Christmas coming up I've been jolly happy, but I've been feeling rather humbug lately. Between unauthorized charges on my credit card, jj throwing out his back, the kids fighting and the mantel falling off our fireplace (yes, you heard me right!) I just feel overloaded!   I think there's something else that happened, but it escapes me.  But I'm trying my best to leave all those things behind and move on happily.  What better way to do that than to show you my treasures!

This is my unfinished felt matryoshka.  It's so much fun working on her.  I'm making a set of three for Christmas.  Needless to say they won't get finished.  I'm having a hard time deciding how to decorate them...there are so many possibilities!  I'll just need to make more! ;)

And here's my latest obsession...buttons!  I can't seem to get enough of them!  I need to get out my large milk jar for the pink ones...I have more than shown here.  Love pink!  :D
This is a little busy, but the colors made me happy, so I left it.
And here are my precious glittery buttons.  I just love them.  I have a few more packs on the way.  I found them on sale...yay!
This is a faux penny rug I made a few years ago.  I call it Santa and his sheep.  The sheep were supposed to be reindeer with little branch-like antlers, but I preferred the sheep idea.  :)

 I'll leave you with a picture of my beloved white cabinet.  I have an assortment of trees on it.  Once again, pardon the paint samples.  We'll see if jj gets to that wall before christmas...  :)

10 November 2010

Tomorrow's the day!

Yay!  Tomorrow is the annual CKC!  My parents will be arriving tonight and then Thursday my mom and I will be immersing ourselves in all things scrapbooky!  :)  It's our one true girls getaway...which is funny, because the focus is scrapbooking, something we do for our families.  I always get all sentimental during these breaks.  I'm such a sap!

Anyway, this year we left a night open so we could watch a scary movie, something our husbands don't love as much as we do.*   I so hope the 'on demand' thing at the hotel has one.  That would really stink if it didn't!

My camera is working off and on, so I was able to take a pic of the most excellent gift Kala sent me.  Does she know me or what!?  It's a crochet hook holder!  Isn't the spider adorable?

I love her little hands, and the spines on her legs!  (My favorite spider, the garden spider, has very spiny legs.)  What a wonderful, thoughtful person Kala is!  :)

So anyway (I find myself saying 'anyway' a lot.  Maybe because I go off on tangents???)  Anyway, (lol) I remembered that I didn't show you all of the pumpkins.  I know Halloween is way past, but you didn't see jj's pumpkin, which is adorable.  It's the one in the front.  Sorry about the blurry pic.  I'm shaky, and I don't have a tripod...  :)

I also want to show you a recent purchase.  This only cost $18!!!  It's going on my mantle...once I get it cleared off.  I just love old windows.  It's a pretty big guy too (~30 x 40").  I've also picked out a paint color for that wall (I think).  I'm going with something dark-ish to try to detract attention from the hideous hearth/mantle.  Hopefully I'll be able to share soon!  :)
I hope you have a great weekend!

* Recently the kids stayed with jj's dad and we decided to go to IKEA (it was the most wonderful IKEA trip I've had in a while.  jj even bought me stuff!) And then we decided to get cozy on the couch and watch a non family movie.  Well, there wasn't much to chose from, and we didn't want to waste time going to the dvd store.  So we chose Splice.  Well yuck.  I don't recommend it.  It was a little sick and I didn't care for the actors.  jj is considering it a horror movie, and re-asserting how much he hates them.  But it really wasn't horror.  It was more like a sick sci-fi. 

01 November 2010

Could it really be?

Could I actually be blogging?  I was determined to make a Happy Halloween post, and here it is, a day late.  But so be it!  I'm making it anyway!

please excuse the paint test strips.  I've decided against both of the colors...
Do you know what I realized this Halloween?  It's my second favorite holiday to decorate for, Christmas being the first.  I use tons of candles.  I love them.  I want to grow my decoration collection so that one year I'll have a completely transformed, spooky home.  That would be awesome.  But strangely/sadly enough, my family room is complete decoration unfriendly.  I'm going to have to change that somehow...  (Of course, for me, it's almost like a throw-away room as far as that goes.  I've released it to the family, as it should be.)   Now the living room...that's momma's room.  ;)

I did a bit o' Halloween-y crafting.  How adorable is this box?

I spent a small fortune at my local craft store.  You know what gets me?  The displays.  Sometimes I look at stuff and think, 'what the heck would I do with this?'  Well, the displays show me, and therefore, I buy...

Last night the kids were so very excited to trick or treat, but then we found out that our town decided to make the 30th Halloween!  This town is disappointing me more and more over time.  So we went to the neighboring town and had the best time we've had in years!  Yet another affirmation that we'd like to move there someday.  Unfortunately, I'm the type that get's attached to my home.  How could I ever leave here, my first home?  The home that my kids are growing up in...  The home where so many of our memories were made...  I wonder if that has anything to do with my childhood, where we were moving every few years?  I wouldn't trade that for the world, but I don't think I could do it anymore.  Not to say that I don't have the moving itch every now and again...but honestly it's a desire to leave this state, go back east, raise my kids there.  But I think we're here for good.  *sigh*  I almost can't fathom that my kids are going to live in the same place for their entire childhood.  It kind of upsets me.  Funny...

You know, I received a wonderful gift from a friend and I wanted to show you, but my camera's acting up...as in, it might be 'broken!'  :(  Hopefully I can get that taken care of soon.  I NEED my camera...it's essential!

Okay, so I didn't think I'd get on here and 'talk' your ear off with random junk.  :D  But it is nice to say hello.  Am I back to blogging though?  That remains to be seen...

Happy Halloween  :)

Oh, by the way...I started a new book last night.  It's very promising.  One of the reviews said it was like Bram Stoker meets Clive Cussler, meets Michael Crichton.  *swoon*  (B.S. and M.C.  are two of my absolute favorites of all time!!!)  And my third favorite author, James Rollins, said he loved it. *swoon*

11 September 2010

Is it September already...

the columbia river

Where has this year gone?  More importantly, where has the summer gone, and what was I doing when it passed me by?  This has been a crazy-weather-year so far for my tiny part of the world.  We had an unusually warm, dry winter, and cold, rainy summer.  I don't know that I'm complaining, except that the light is dwindling fast, and I feel like it just got here!  I'm just not ready...

How has your summer or winter been so far?  I have to say this summer started with great promise...such great promise, and then I literally lost a good month of it, so I tried to salvage what I could of August.  We went on a lovely trip to eastern WA.  I really like going over there for a change of scenery, especially because it's so close!  We had such a wonderful time there.  I kid you not, the kids didn't even fight once!

mill pond

We stayed in downtown Spokane, so we did a lot of walking (I love walking).  We tried some cute little restaurants that we wouldn't have found had we been in the car.  We toured a dam, went in a cave, did a little hiking.  We even went to this little park thing where they have some carnival rides and I talked the kids into riding the scrambler with me...fun fun!  My boy even tried the tilt-a-whirl.  I just love those little rides.

Perhaps you've noticed a lack of pictures... I didn't take any!  jj got some, but I just didn't want to lug my camera around.  I really need a little point-and-shoot I can carry around in my purse (in a cute little case!).  jj said he'd buy one for me...I'll have to nag him!  ;D

this was like a huge dandelion, but it was so sturdy we couldn't blow the seeds off

I've been doing some crochet, but no pictures.  I'll have to take some and post again...hopefully in a timely fashion.  Until then, enjoy your last bits of summer/winter!

04 August 2010

Busy, busy, busy! Or not...

Well hello there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Oh my...more than a month!  Well, I think I've been busy???
Although I'm certain my busy is other people's lazy!  :D  Yes, quite certain!
funny twisty stump

July 6th was jj's and my 11th anniversary.  (Is that proper grammar?  I doubt it...)  We didn't do anything special...we rarely do.  But he told me he was super happy to have me...super.  I love that man!

My parents came up for a stay at that same time.  (Their 41st anniversary was on the 5th, we went to IKEA.  lol)  It was quite the visit.  My dad (and jj) put in 2 new windows.  One a replacement, and another a brand new window in my craft room!  Very exciting!  I wish that had motivated me to start working on the rest of it...but it hasn't.

During their stay I had another visitor!

Isn't he adorable?  How can you not love a moth?!  He's so fuzzy!

We recently took a trip up to Mt. Baker.  Sadly the viewpoint was closed due to avalanches.  It was a nice trip all the same.  I got very sentimental about the days before the kids, when jj and I would camp up there.  Those were fun times...times I hope to recreate with the kids soon.

I've also been crocheting quite a bit.  I've been working on more hexagons.  I think I'll make a cushion cover with some of them.  I made this one recently, and it looks so lonely...

But anyway, I've been playing with other shapes too...  It's so much fun!

clockwise from top left african flower, beata's flower, Harmony Guide flower

I also made a bunting!  I've been wanting to make one for some time now.  I don't think I've seen a picture of one that I haven't liked!  My camera's battery died, hence the absent picture...

And of course, I've been shopping.  I supported my local economy recently, to my detriment.  :)  I do like to shop locally, but the fact is, it's expensive!  My favored local shop is in Bellevue.  It's in a hideous old building, but all the same, I imagine it costs a lot to be right downtown.  I don't like paying for that...

I've also been plant shopping...I can't help myself!  I'm not much of a spanish lavender gal...but this one was so sweet.  And it's a nice contrast with my english lavenders.  And the hydrangea I already had...

Lastly I'll show you my buttons...  I don't remember how I came upon them in Etsy, but I did.  I bought two bags, and it was so much fun going through them that I bought another two!  I think I'm addicted!

Hopefully I'll post again soon.  And hopefully I'll have something of interest to show you!  :)

24 June 2010

Have you ever wanted something so much...

Yes, it's my second post of the day!  Weird, eh?  But I really, really needed to show you this.  I don't know where I was on the internet, but I caught a glimpse of this fabric...
(Alexander Henry Secret Garden)

I just LOVE it!  And I needed some...  But it's from 2008 (how did I miss it?) and I searched and searched (with multiple search engines even...just in case!) and the only place I found it was on ebay.  Want to know how much I paid for one yard?


$21.  The shipping was $6, so a total of $27 for one yard...  I felt sick...but I had to have it, I just did!  I wanted more, but I just couldn't justify it...

Have you ever paid a ridiculous amount of money for something you just had to have?

Hello, hello!

Wow, how long has it been?  I honestly can't remember...maybe it hasn't been that long?  Hmm, 15 days.  That's pretty long!  You know, so many things have been going on here, I barely know where to start!  There are some things I can't tell you quite yet, they'll come later.  (don't get excited, it's nothing that great!)

My parents are coming for a visit on Saturday.  I'm not ready...I had plans to do some stuff, but I'm not finished and today I'm not feeling well at all.  I haven't been drinking enough water (or anything really) and it's caught up with me.  Honestly, it's common for me, I'm just not a drinker...  Usually I get chapped lips and hands, then the headache comes on.  But this one hit hard...  I feel pretty dizzy when I stand up, so no work getting done.  And sadly, though the house is 'clean' the kids are running around and I'm not able to pick up in their wake as I usually do, so things are going to go downhill fast!  ;)

Last time I posted I told you I might be doing something special the weekend after...well, I did.  jj came home one night and handed me an envelope filled with cash and a hotel reservation in a nearby city so I could get a break.  It was so darn sweet of him, and I really did need a break, but it's so hard for me to leave my sweet family, no matter how much I need it.  What I really want is a nice weekend (a mini-road trip would be optimal) with a happy family.  No fussing, no rudeness, no fighting, no defiance...  *sigh*  Just one weekend...is that too much to ask?  Apparently it is...  :(
(View from corner balcony.  This is the direction in which we walked...  :D)

Anyway, the room he got me was perfect!  It was on the 5th floor (the top) on the corner.  It had 2 small balconies and a bigger one on the corner...but no chairs!  What good is a balcony if you can't sit out on it?  But it didn't really matter...I spent a lot of time walking around, crocheting, I even watched a grown-up movie on Saturday morning!  It was The Fourth Kind (careful, there's a trailer).  I rented it because a) I love horror and such, and b) I love Milla Jovovich.  However, I found it incredibly disturbing...incredibly. (it's PG-13.  I don't actually know what it's like to have a 13yo...but I so wouldn't let them watch it.  Maybe 18)  I wanted to go home after that.  But luckily I went to lunch at CPK (love that place) with my family and then my boy came and stayed with me for the second night. We had a wonderful time.  He needed a break too, and I don't get to see him that often because of school...

Now of course, I had a wonderful time because I able to have 'quality time' with him.  We walked to the book store, spent too much money, went to CPK (again) for dinner and sat at the 'bar' to watch the pizzas being made, did some more walking, bought some expensive but yummy cupcakes... It was just so wonderful to have one-on-one time with him.  He, however, had a great time playing with the patio doors...  They opened up, but they could also tilt in on the top to let air in.  He must have opened, closed, and tilted those doors every 5 minutes...seriously!  We also watched too much annoying orange.

(this is what I bought for myself at the book store.  I know, why a stuffed frog?  well, he makes me happy, and it's so fun to annoy jj with him)

So that was my blissful weekend.  When jj and my girl came to pick me up they were so happy to see me.  It's great to be missed...

Hope I didn't bore you with that.  I have another, more fun post to make, but it doesn't relate to this, so I'll just do a separate one!  :)

09 June 2010

Bits and pieces...

Hello there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  It takes so long for me to formulate a post, I'm not sure why... but that's why I don't do it so often. I've thought about making them smaller...you know, more frequent but small.  But I gab, don't I?  :D

Perhaps you remember I told you how much I adore Percy Wiseman, my rhododendron friend?  Well here he is in all his glory...  I just love him!  And I love that he has a name with which I sound like I'm talking about a person!  :D

You know, I sat here thinking about what I've worked on that I could share, and it seems like I've done quite a bit compared to usual.  But then, it's been a while since I've shared, so maybe I've not been that productive after all!  Speaking of sharing, I haven't shared many purchases lately.  What?  Did you think I hadn't been buying anything...you silly thing!  ;D

I've been having fun crocheting these hexagons while waiting for my boy at school.  (I am SO going to miss that time when summer break begins!)  I'm doing the 'traditional hexagon 1' in the Harmony Crochet Guide.  LOVE that book!  Love, love, love!  I think they're turning out rather nicely!

And today I made a curtain for my front door with this fabric and it's dotty aqua coordinate.  It looks nice, but I didn't get a good pic...

Today while I was pinning (yes, I was actually pinning!) with a mouthful of pins I remembered that I recently won a lovely pin cushion from Ellen during her Sew Mama Sew giveaway.  I think she'd be sad if I didn't use it, and so I did.  That really is handy, isn't it?  I've always just used my mouth...

I can't believe this year is more than half over.  It's truly passed by without me noticing.  What have I even been doing for the last 6 months?  Maybe I've been smelling too many fabric fumes!  :D

I hope you're having a great week!  So glad tomorrow's thursday... I might have a nice weekend, I'll tell you about it next post if I do!

29 May 2010

Sappy Saturday #6

Today's song is one of my favorites (aren't they all).  'Pretty Ballerina' and I had a rocky beginning.  I heard it first as a teenager and I couldn't believe my ears.  I thought it was the most ridiculous song I'd ever heard.    But it stuck in my head (plus my tastes expanded)...  So I decided to find out more about it.  This was pre-internet days (for me at least...when did this all start?) and this song rarely makes it to the radio.  It wasn't until after I bought Left Banke's CD for another song, 'Walk Away Renee,' that I found it.  And it's been love ever since.  :)  How can you not love a song with the word obliged in it?!?


22 May 2010

Sappy Saturday #5

Okay, so I'm not a reliable Sappy Saturday poster.  Does anyone really care?  I'd probably run out of songs too quickly if I was!  :)

Anyway, today's wonderful sappy song is 'I Go Crazy' by Paul Davis.  For whatever reason, this song, as well as 'Cool Night,' remind me of when I was a little girl living in Lake Placid, NY.   I suppose they were probably still relatively popular on the radio...it was the early 80's after all.


15 May 2010

And the winner is....

Did I say I would pick a winner yesterday?  I think I did.  Well, yesterday ended up being a busier day than I'd planned.  Yes, I was busy...shopping.  :D   I bought some more plants.  I just love plant shopping, but then I like most types of frivolous shopping. 
(my very favorite rhododendron, Percy Wiseman.  I love you Percy...)

I've bought quite a few fun plants this past month.  I'm usually more of a shrub buyer, but lately I've been doing the perennial and annual thing.  After all, you can (unfortunately) have too many shrubs.  Not that I do (yet...).  But I need to pace myself.  I might need to save some space just in case I see something fabulous years from now...

(a new rhododendron.  Okay, so I've bought a few of those too...)

I'm super happy to announce my winner!  I truly would have been excited for any one of you (I love you all)...but it turns out my winner is special.  This was her first giveaway entry ever!  How awesome is that?!?  Not only that, but she was the first to comment.  Kala, its you!  :D   (The random number thingy actually caught me off guard.  I suppose the first and last numbers of my limit were the last I expected to see.)

So Kala, please e-mail me with your address and I'll send those lovelies right away!  Oh I hope you love them!  :)