24 January 2010

Sunday Stash #5

Sunday Stash officially starts up again today, though there's no word over at 1/4 of an inch. Hopefully all is well with Tamara.

So today I'm going to show you one of the most recent fabric purchases I've made... I got these yummy pieces from the lovely Stephanie over at Materialgal. I just adore her store!

Here are some fats... oooo, aahhh(edited 1/26...I'd had the picture upside-down! :D)

More fats, some woodsy ones that didn't want their picture taken with the springy ones. Not that they're snobs, mind you...
And I bought some yardage of these guys. A FQ just wasn't enough for these...
Did you notice anything about these pictures? The sun... yes, we had some! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

23 January 2010

Sappy Saturday

So for a while I've been contemplating doing something much like Sunday Stash--only it's just me, sharing some of my favorite sappy love songs, just for fun. So this is the first official Sappy Saturday. I know you're all excited. ;D

Today's song is one I've been listening to a lot recently. I really like it, but boy oh boy, the lyrics are embarrassingly bad!
Any thoughts?

20 January 2010

8 x 5 = 40 Right?

(specimen no.1)

Hello, hello! :) Such a fine sunny day it is here in ericaland. We've had a warm few days, it's 57 right now! This happened last year, if I remember correctly, and then we had a freeze and it ruined a lot of the spring blooms. Speaking of which, my daffodils are coming up. My tulips would be too...if the squirrels hadn't eaten them all. They make these 'cage' things to put your bulbs in...but they're expensive and small. I'd need a ton. So daffodils it is. *sigh*

Today I'm amusing myself with a little time-lapse project. Last night I noticed the daffodils on my table were starting to come out of their 'shells.' Then this morning I looked over and they'd fully bloomed. So I thought, what if I took pics of one that's not at all out, and one that's almost out, each hour. Then we could see how fast they bloomed. Fun, fun... I'll share that with you another time.

(specimen no.2)

So on to the math. Yesterday I opened up my Soiree layer cakes and started planning my quilt. (I'm making a twin for my girl's bed... She'll end up with a lot of quilts I'd want for my own bed, because a twin is easier and less expensive than a king.) I separated each of the colors out.

Then I figured how many squares I'd need for each row, column, etc. I figured 8 x 10 given that I have 80 squares. Up they went on my (too-small) design wall. That's when I decided I should do the top half of the quilt with one cake, sew it up, then work on the bottom (to conserve room, plus I won't have too many of the same prints together...duh). So I put them all up, and I had 4 extra! I counted, recounted. I even questioned my multiplication skills... Yes, there are 42 squares in each layer cake...42! So now I'm wondering what the 2 extra were. Why did I have 4 left over when separating the 2 cakes and not 2? I've even looked for duplicates a couple of times and haven't seen any. Maybe that'll be a fun game once the quilt is together...see where momma messed up...
(these two pieces aren't going together like that... I just picked two finished segments for the picture)

I may have mentioned before, that over the few years that we've lived in this house, we've noticed that the previous owners may have been slightly obsessed with blue... The exterior paint is blue. The roof is blue. The one flowering plant that was in the yard was blue. Except for the family room, which is green, the carpets are all blue. The curtains that were left were blue...again, except for the f.r.'s which are green. We've peeled away paneling (ick) and found blue paint. Some of the interior paint has chipped to reveal blue paint. And this is the latest installment...the wallpaper in our bedroom (which I hate) concealed what? Blue paint! It's a different shade of blue than usual...

I thought this was amusing as well...this is what happens when jj plays with my girl's toys... I pinched his cheeks and told him what a cute little boy he was...

14 January 2010

I've been a lucky girl!

(My 'baby' [she's almost 4] learned to use the mouse on Monday! She hasn't showed much interest in older-people things...so this was such a surprise. Earlier that day she was sitting in my lap while I did the mouse work on this little person game. You can see where she wiped her mouth on her sweater... Do you love my mouse pad? It's a Marti Mitchell catalog)

Today I got a most wonderful surprise! I won at True Up for my 2009 favorites! Not only did I win, but my gift certificate is for Hawthorne Threads! YAY! I'm so excited! Oh, no way! I just saw that the post was made on the 13th! That's my lucky number! Yay 13!

But that's not the only thing I've won recently... I also won some One In Every Color selvedge pincushions over at Terri's Sew Fantastic blog!
And I also won the Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun digi-kit at Vera Lim Designs! How lucky have I been?
I was also the very last person to sign up for OPAM 2010. I saw the button over at Heleen's wonderful blog. I decided...why not? Maybe it'll help me be more productive? Don't laugh! I actually have made something this month! *gasp!* It's a little corduroy heart... The center heart is a little askew. Now, if I had made it more askew, it would have been fine. But I didn't do it on purpose. :( And I'm not going to do it over. It'll just have to be lovingly flawed...

I've decided to try my hand at the whole Project 365 thing. It's where you take 1 picture a day. I heard about it a few years ago and thought it sounded like a great idea...but I didn't follow through. But this year I have so far...mostly. (I didn't decide to give it a go until a few days into the year.) It should definitely be interesting. I've decided to do 2 pics a day. One for each of my kids. (Hmm...I should do one for each of us.) Anyway, I think I'll do digi-pages...hoping it'll be easier to do. There are a decent amount of 7-pic templates out there (wish there were more).

What else is there to say? Too much, I'm sure. We had a bit of a bright day this past weekend, and I was able to take pictures of some fabric (my favorite). I'll share those another time. For now I'll show you something I've worked on recently. It's just missing its borders which have some applique...hence why they're not finished yet! :) Sorry the pic isn't too great. Some of it's cut off so you don't see the ugly-ness of the house. My boy held it up for me..he's getting so big!
On a slightly less happy note, on Sunday we were having such a blah day that jj actually suggested a trip to IKEA to find a new ottoman for his man-chair. I just love going there, and we all love to eat there! Anyway, on the way we were treated to some road-rage. Some guy decided he'd play games... first he sped up so we couldn't get out of the off ramp, then he tried to run us into the shoulder. Then he slammed on his breaks right in front of us...numerous times. We're talking a screeching-tires slam...he must not have ABS. (And let me tell you, Bertha [my mini-van] is a heavy beast! Given her undersized breaks, it's not easy to stop her). He even cut off other cars multiple times to come back to us and do the break slamming thing. Nice eh?

I had to do my best to calm jj down... he was ready to hurt the people. I admit, my finger flew up during one of the break slammings...My kids were in the car! If I'd been driving I'd have sped off...he was in a huge truck, I doubt he could've caught Bertha...she's got some juice. ;)

08 January 2010

My 2009 Favorites...

Hello again! 2 posts in one day...crazy, I know. So don't forget to check out the previous one...not that it's anything special.

So True Up is doing this thing where you list your favorites of 2009. I thought that sounded like lots of fun, plus you can win prizes...woo-hoo!

So here are mine:

Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection: This is a hard one...there are so many wonderful ones, and frankly, I'm surprised to see what was released in 2009. There are some that I thought were, but apparently weren't. So I am going to pick Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane. Mostly because it's new and therefore fresh in my head. Oh, and it's gorgeous... Amy Butler would come in second, I suppose...

Favorite Overall Designer: Ooo, again hard. But I'm going to say Heather again. If I could say Alexander Henry I would...though I think the ones I really love are too old or too new.

Favorite Floral Print: Totally Amy Butler's Water Bouquet from the Love collection. I needed that as soon as I saw it!!! Jennifer Pagianelli's Elizabeth Rose in ivory is a very, very close second...

Favorite Holiday Fabric or Collection: Wasn't the Funky Christmas line from Michael Miller released this year? I liked that!

Favorite Fabric Shop: Materialgal on Etsy. Stephanie is really sweet and she has a killer fabric selection!

Favorite Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection: Well it certainly wasn't under my radar, but I sure had a hard time finding Rosalie Quinlan's Grandmother's Flower Garden online...

Favorite Print from Japan: Has to be Heather Ross' Far, Far Away. I do so love the princess and the pea... And I had a thing for unicorns when I was a girl. Have you ever worked with double gauze? I just love the feel of it.

Favorite Trend (Colors): I saw a lot of Red and Turquoise going on. And I was okay with that... Saw a lot of pink too. You can never have too much pink.*

Favorite Trend (Motifs): The matryoshka. I love them, and I've seen a whole lot of then this year...

Favorite Juvenile Print for girls: My first instinct is to say Heather Ross again... but I don't want to repeat too much. So we'll say Wendy Slotbloom's Frolic. Now that could be for a young boy too. So let's go even more girly and say Leanika by Dena Designs. Oh yes, that's the one! (Of course these don't have to be for children. I just happen to have an excuse for my love of all things girly...) I didn't really see anything I loved for boys. And of course my boy(6) is at an in-between stage. He's still my baby, but he's getting into older things now *sob*

Favorite Handprinted Fabric: It's a toss between Saffron Craig's Owls Nesting and Kristen Doran's Matryoshka print. Oh but wait, I actually bought this adorable matryoshka bunny print from Areathriftyone. (I'll have to show you that later...I made it up and it's rather cute.)

Favorite Organic Print: Betz White's Picnic Floral canvas...but I'll never own any. That's just too darn expensive for me...

Favorite New Designer: Now I'm going to say Rosalie Quinlan...because everyone's talking about her being new. But what about the Flower Sugar line? Why is everyone saying the GFG is her first line? I don't know...

Okay, so I'm going to wrap it up there. I provided links for things that are a little less mainstream. Hope you enjoyed my little list. Wish I'd had some eye candy to go along with it...

* That made me think of something. When I was in the hospital having my daughter, a gal came by to visit. She had given me a blue blanket with cute little puppies on it and wanted to make sure I was okay with it being blue. I said yes, it was cute and I have no problem with other colors. And then she said, 'yeah, and you can only have so much pink.' I'm not exaggerating...I was taken aback by that. I might even have made a face. What in the world was she saying? You can never have too much pink!

I'd really love to see you tonight...

I believe I've mentioned before how much I love sappy 70's love songs. Just now I was dancing around the house singing England Dan & JF Coley's song. I do love England Dan. And so now I'm in a decent mood, despite things going on that could get me down...

Speaking of that song, the first sentence of the refrain says "I'm not talking 'bout moving in" but when we listen to it it sounds like "I'm not talking 'bout the linens," and jj has decided he likes the linens lyric better. :)

I started a post yesterday about some lovely fabric I bought a while ago, but the lighting is just so bad... So I'll show you some stuff I got in the mail recently, for which I'm not concerned about the lighting...

Today I got this lovely Layer cake. I'm not too big on those (I hate to spend the extra money to have them cut it for me) but I really like a lot of this line...and I wanted big pieces. How lovely is this quilt going to be? Just simple squares in such a lovely fabric line (opens a pdf).
Wow, I don't know how, but I ended up on Netflix and I think I've been there for 15 minutes or so...oops! :)

Yesterday (I believe) I got 4 packs of 4" squares of the Momo Wonderland(pdf) collection. I liked the floral fabric when I first saw it way back when, but thought nothing of it, until recently when I saw a quilt made up with it, and decided I needed it. Boy it was hard to find what I wanted! I also have 2 jelly rolls coming in, with which I shall surround the squares...

And these are 10" squares I cut from some fabric I've had for a while. This line was the original inspiration for my brown and pink log cabin for which I'm still collecting... I can't find a link for the whole collection. And you can't see that that main fabric has pink stripes, but it does...
So that's it for now, I guess. I may have had more to say, but some delicious strawberry shortcake has distracted me...

05 January 2010

Hey! It's my 100th post!

(a lovely lichen)

100. Who knew? Not me! Perhaps I'll do a little something special on my 113th post. *hint hint* 13 is my lucky number...

So I hope you enjoyed the holiday festivities. I meant to come on and wish you a Happy New Year, but it didn't happen. So Happy 5th day of the new year! :)

I don't have an awful lot to talk about today. As usual my head isn't feeling very organized, and I feel a little ho-hum. I'd meant to make a cute scrapbook layout about my new year's resolutions. One of them is actually to scrapbook in a more timely fashion, so as not to forget the stories behind my pictures. I'm off to a great start, aren't I? :)
(ducks on the log)

Jackie showed off her wonderful new camera today. I'm jealous. Not to say that I don't love my camera...I do. But I would like something more. But the next up from mine is $750 (body only) at amazon. That's a little pricey for me...and honestly, the one I really want is $1,500 (body only). Yikes! And of course I'd want a fancy new lens for it. So. if I'm going to save, I might as well save big, right? Have I mentioned I'm horrible at saving? Horrible...(ducks on the edge of the ice)

Do you have anything you'd like to/are saving for? I honestly feel if it weren't for internet shopping I might be able to save. Maybe... But if I know the money's in the account, it's so hard not to spend it. And say I take it out in cash or put it in savings...I still know it's there, and I can just reimburse the checking account after the purchase. Oh, it's so very difficult. It would also be easier if I'd stop wanting things... :)
(I don't know who this little guy is! I don't even remember seeing him this summer. He certainly doesn't look like a weed. It'll be very interesting to see what he becomes in the spring.)

Not that I want to lessen my chances, but there are some giveaways going on that you might be interested in. Rita is having one, you get an entry with a purchase in Jackie's new store, and Shelly's having one featuring one of my very favorite Etsy shops. I don't think I've missed any...

Have a nice day! :)