15 February 2010


Happy Day after Valentine's Day. Did you do anything special?

The past 3 weeks have been a little off for me. I've neglected my normal routine, including taking the pictures off of my camera. Every time I put my pictures on the computer I make a quick guess about how many there will be. So this time I figured there would be a lot...maybe 250 or so. Nope, 534! I think that's a record for me.(I do love moss)

So to catch up...on January 25th my baby girl turned 4. She doesn't seem 4 at all, but she understands that she's 4. Honestly, she's way behind where my boy was at her age, but I'm sure, at times, she plays us. She pretends she doesn't understand things we tell her, so she won't have to do them.
We finally bought her a new, fun, big-girl bed. I think she'll be excited. She loves girly things...YAY! :) I'm very excited to make over her room. I wish I could do it in one fell swoop, but I suppose that's unrealistic. I'll take pictures and hopefully share what I do over time.
(I love those thorns)

Spring has shown its face, and boy does it excite me! Oh yes it does! I haven't made my first trip to the nursery (it's still getting cold at night) but I'm itching to do it. Yesterday jj bought the kids and me some seeds, and trays to start them. Fun, fun, fun! :) We bought some snapdragons, primroses (a different variety than the one I've got pictured) lupine, foxgloves (the bees love them) and some sunflowers (my boy is very excited about those!). All of these plant pictures are a couple of weeks old, so the flowers have fully bloomed. I need to get out there and take some pics. The dark pink ones are especially lovely...
What else? Oh yes, Valentine's day! I had quite a bit of fun helping my boy with his class valentines. I was shopping for digi-scrapbooking 'supplies' and I came upon a little mailbox template. I thought it might be a fun thing to do. Of course I was up late the night before, finishing the crazy things. The teacher requested them a day before the party, and I'd forgot I read that...
(love that bee! girls' in the foreground, boys in the back)

Sorry for the crappy picture. I'd forgotten to take them, so it was a rush. I wasn't about to do all that work and not have a picture! My boy helped in the selection of papers. (I should let him play around with photoshop...) And he helped cut them out.
(24 little mailboxes, ready to go)

I'm sharing this picture because it's funny... My kids lost all of the shutes and ladders bits, so my boy used glue sticks for pawns (mine was upside-down you see). And even though I bought a box of dice, they seem to have disappeared, so we used a coaster. We flopped it in the air. One side meant 3 spaces, the other 4. I don't know how he came up with 3 and 4...
This poor tree...I don't know why anyone would top a tree. Now he's all sad and spindly. I'd love to plant anew...but it would take so much time to get to a decent size. Anyway, on one foggy morning I thought he looked rather wonderful and creepy...See my sad bird feeders and torches? You know, I'm a woman of great intentions. But not one of action. I have great plans for my yard, and jj promises this is the year we'll do something about it. We'll see. We're aiming for planting a little evergreen spot in the back yard, and a small veggie garden. Oh, and we want to get rid of the mole...hopefully eliminating his food source will deter him...I don't want to harm him.


Chris said...

How many mailboxes did you make?? What a woman. Your garden loooks beautiful - it's too hot or wet to plant anything here at the moment.

corry said...

You made some lovely piuctures! I love the mailboxes. We don't have a Valentine tradition overhere. I like your plants....can't hardly wait for spring to arrive!