23 March 2010


Do you know what this is? My 113th post! I promised a giveaway but I haven't prepared the prize! I'll do that, and then the next post will be the giveaway post!

Anyway, can you guess where we went this weekend?
Ah yes, IKEA! One of my most favorite places. I just love it. It's almost an unhealthy love... All I have to do is step out of the car and smell the parking garage and I'm instantly happy. The smell of the store, the taste of the meatballs and lingonberry juice, the most wonderful furniture... just sitting there, begging me to buy it. *sigh*

If only my family felt the same. It depends on the mood of the kids. Saturday wasn't their day. It was awful! We left empty handed. We didn't even eat there! (That's a first.) But you know what? We went back for dinner! :D It's not as crazy as it sounds. (Well, maybe a little.) But we weren't sure if the thing we wanted to buy would fit/look right in the space we were trying to fill. It would have looked awful! Whew, so glad we made sure. Although I guess it would've meant 2 trips either way...So anyway, this is what we got:
I just love it! We actually bought it to put a fish tank on, but after I built it I thought, "this is too pretty to put a fish tank on." After that I was very wishy-washy on the fish thing. I want fish, but do I need more work? No...I really don't. So I'm going to fore-go the fish for now. It's for the best.

I also bought an Expedit bookshelf for my craft room with my birthday money. Yay! But I won't be building it until most of the construction is finished. Have I mentioned how impatient I am on these sort of things?

I was at Target the other day and I noticed that Liberty of London has various collections throughout the store. Sadly I didn't know it, and most things have sold out. I did see this tray though. Should I keep it? It's cute, and it seems to be a decent size for serving cupcakes and such. But do I need another tray??? We'll see.
Also for my birthday I bought some roses and daffodils. The daffodils were 3 bunches for $5! Wow! And I had a coupon for $5 for a dozen roses. Can't beat that!
And finally, one of my favorite spring flowers, the Chaenomeles, or flowering quince. It gets little fruits too. So pretty...

20 March 2010

Well hello there...

It's been a while, hasn't it? I can't really say why, but I just haven't been going on the computer much. I wouldn't really say Ive been busy doing other things. What have I been doing???

Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) was my birthday. I'm no longer a lovely pairing of 3's. *sigh*

Anyway, I never told you I joined Heleen and Corry's Spring Swap! For the most part I've sworn off swaps, but I love those gals so much, so I decided to give it a go. And boy am I glad I did!
At first I was rather nervous. You see my partner Chris isn't just anybody. Oh no! Well, I think she thinks she is, but don't be fooled! She makes amazing patterns. One of which I saw in a quilting magazine and instantly fell in love with. So much so, that I remembered (me? remembering?) to go back the next month and buy the next issue for the second part of the pattern! So needless to say, me and my mediocre sewing skills were feeling a little inadequate. But you know what, I feel very much inspired and I really love what I made her (which is on its way now, so I can't show you more than a peek).

But the heck with all that inspiration crap, look what she made/gave me!

Here's the outside of the bundle...
I was so excited to open it and see this... Love the dots! Love the color!
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this little corner peeking out...
These beautiful fat quarters were hiding inside...

And finally, THE most beautiful pillow cover! Aren't I lucky? Are you jealous? ;D

(Why didn't I press that before I took the picture! I'm too lazy to go re-do it.)

And it's big (not getting up to measure) so I could also use it as a wall hanging. Not sure what I'll do yet. For now it's on my dining room chair where I sat to sew her gift. Inspiration, you know.

Speaking of inspiration, look what else she gave me...
One of her patterns! As soon as I saw it I had an idea for fabrics. So I'm hoping you might see me working on this soonish. Hey, stop laughing!

Sappy Saturday #4

Today's most excellent song is 'You Are The Woman' by Firefall. How can you not love this song? It's perky, it's happy...it makes me want to go on a road trip. *sigh*

I'm listening to it now and my boy is in the other room singing along. Why don't you join us...