26 April 2010


(some snapdragons I bought this morning)

Ahhh... I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to post in the past week or two. I had such a super-excellent day 2 fridays ago. I wanted to post so bad. But alas, I promised my next post would be the giveaway. And as a professional procrastinator, it took me a really long time to prepare. :)

Let's share a bit before we get down to the good stuff...

This is what I've been working on lately...
I love it and it's tons of fun to work on. It's going to be a pillow, but here's the thing. It works up as a parallelogram. They didn't mention this in the pattern (I'm using my Harmony Guide). I would have appreciated this being mentioned so I could, I don't know...decrease one side while increasing the other maybe? I think that might've worked. But by the time I realized it was happening, it was too late. I wasn't about to undo the whole thing! No way! I'm going to try to stretch it into a square. Maybe sew it to some fabric. We'll see...wish me luck!

I never shared the pillow cover I made for my most-excellent swap partner, Chris.

I also have some pretty big plans for our yard this summer. Big big! (wish me luck on that too!) In that spirit I bought these adorable mushrooms! Aren't they sweet?Yesterday jj and I bought some railroad ties (man, they were heavy!) to keep people from driving on our yard and the next door neighbors'. They've actually ruined part of the other people's yard.
Speaking of neighbors, they're renters, and they are porch people. That's nice that they're renting a nice house with a nice porch... except my kitchen window (I love having a window over my sink) looks right at their porch. (Our homes are perpendicular to each other. We face the lake, they face the road...) They also like to have people over, hang out on the porch and talk loudly...after midnight. If I can hear them with the windows closed just think what it'll be like in the summer with the windows open! I hate this area for not having A/C. And I hate not having enough money to install one. *sigh*

Let's get on to the good stuff, shall we?

To 'celebrate' my 113th post I'm giving away 113 - 5" squares of my favorite, happy fabrics! I would love to win this, but then again, I'm me...
(this photo is of a stack I'm selling on Etsy, but I believe your stack has everything shown)

To enter, please leave a comment telling me about your summer plans. Do you have any? If my summer is your winter, how was your summer? Did you do anything special? :)

I'll contact the winner via e-mail, so please make sure you either leave it or have your blogger thing allow people to e-mail you. Or, if you have a non-blogger blog and your e-mail is on that, that's fine too. :) (Got to love how I complicate things. You all know the drill!)


Kala said...

I love you blog. This is the first giveaway I've ever entered. Wish me luck. =) This summer will be busy with family vacation, camping, and of course gardening. I've created a new flower bed in the front of my house that is now in need of flowers. I'm sure that my children have plans to add in there. So that's what my summer looks like. I hope yours is wonderful.

katia said...

my summer plans include:
1. drinking lots of frozen drinks like margaritas
2. going to the beach to be a beach bum
3. camping hopefully
4. visiting university friends
5. working to save money
6. going to germany either in the summer or fall!!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I live in Australia so my plans aren't quite so immediate ... but a girl can plan for December can't she? My plan, as always, is to spend as much time as possible outdoors with family and friends, taking day trips and generally enjoying myself. Love your blog, as always, Erica.

PatchworkRose said...

My Summers are a nightly walk along the beach to see the sunset and smell that wonderful Sea Air with my wonderful husband. Sometimes down to our favourite coffee shop by the Jetty on the beachfront for coffee.
Out in the garden smelling all the wonderful roses.
Visiting the Open Air Summer Markets.
Buying my Favourite Gelati after a visit to my favourite quilt shop which is just next door.
Sewing and more sewing :-)
Life is good in Summer but then it is good in Autumn Winter and Spring too :-)

Greg said...

My summer plans:
1. Spend more time with my family.
2. Spend more time outside
3. Chase a tornado or 2
4. Spend more time with friends
5. Quilt like a mad man.
6. Read more of the blogs I follow.

My verification word was 'cutter' how cool was that??

the dutch purple rabbit said...


my summer is gone be a lot of music. visiting festivals and concerts.
also I starting my collection for my own shop.


Natalie said...

Hi Erica, Thanks for offering such a great giveaway - I have been wanting to make myself a "happy" quilt! Your summer is my autumn! Our last summer was a scorcher - the hottest here on record. We had one day on our verandah when it was 46 degrees. Now the weather is cooler it is time for some sewing! Enjoy your summer and the beautiful outdoors. Kind regards Natalie, Valley Farm, Western Australia

Chris said...

Hi Erica - as you know it's coming into winter here but last summer my highlight was 2 weeks spent in a little cottage on the water on the Central Coast just north of Sydney (Australia not Nova Scotia). On the last night of our stay hubby fell over and broke 4 ribs - laid up for 6 weeks and not a good patient. All's well now though! Come on next summer.

MichelleB said...

I love that pillow - so cute! And that is such a great stitch - it makes a great pattern.

I'm not really sure of our summer plans. The older the kids get, the harder it is to makes plans.

Di said...

Beautiful charm squares! Great blog! In your summer (our winter here in Australia!) I plan to go on a cruise around Italy and Sicily, stopping at all the historic sites. Sooooooo looking forward to it - and to having time to stitch some portable handwork as well.

Hilda said...

You're popular with Australians aren't you!? Well here's another one! What a nice blog and thanks for this opportunity! My summer seems faaaar away but last one we did lots of 'hosting' at home - had lots of people here for Xmas and more staying in January. It was wonderful to catch up with family and friends and to have such a full house.

Melissa said...

I love that pillow! My plans for the summer involve crocheting and sewing. I'll also be hanging out at the pool with my kids. Illinois is horribly humid! Be popping in more often as I just found your lovely blog. Take care!

pamken said...

Hi Erica, Here is another Australian who enjoys your blog thanks to my friend Chris. My plans for Summer after work commitments include spending 2 weeks with my grandchildren in the usually dry and hot country air, 8 hours west of Sydney dodging the flies, sandflies, trying to avoid the heat and dust lounging around the Pool with the children and making quilts with my daughter.We have a happy time such that I always want to stay there.Cheers Pamela

rockgranny said...

Hi Erica,

as a recently retired (finnaly!), a have big plans for this summer.For the first time in my life I have a garden and it takes a lot of my time(I like that).Than , of course, I have other plans for quilting, crocheting, long walks etc. etc.
Wishing you wonderful summer,
Simona from Croatia

barb's creations said...

The summer just gone I was hopeing we wouldn't hit up to 47 degrees again for over a week and no bush fires.
I spent a lot of my summer drinking lots of cold drinks scoffing down ice-cream and sewing,crocheting and making lots of bags and pressies for this years Christmas gifts :) Barb.

wadenest@gmail.com said...

Hi! I've been waiting AGES for your next post (heehee)...our summer has already begun...we've been playing baseball, working with our horse and i'm trying to keep my blog interesting! Tons of stuff for me to work on inside and out! I hope in the next few weeks to get a lot of sewing done, and have some fun time with the kids. We love spring, it is our summer and we can't wait to get outside! I love the fabric (especially the shrooms) and could see a very bright little crib quilt for our little sweet pea out of it! :) Have a blessed day! Nichole/The Happy Wren

James said...

CONGRATS! Love your Blog!
Thanks so for sharing!
Our Spring is just now beginning in Montana. Our warm-season fun will start with the building of a new barn. Plus +BBQ'S! Love,Linda


chris Lee said...

Hi Erica my name is Chris L I see there is another chris so I thought I had better put mine with a L. My family summer plans is doing lots of canning when our garden comes in, doing our farm chores, playing board games with my kids and we homeschool so we do school all year round and when its too hot to be outside we live in Arkansas I plan on using that as a excuse to sew......
I love those prints they are so cute. I hope everybody has a great summer or winter wherever you are.

Cathy said...

Ah Erica, my kitchen window overlooks our rental neighbours verandah too! We too have had some noisy ones who love to sit out there drinking from 2pm til very late every day. Eventually I grew a vine over our fence so at least I couldn't see them (didn't block the noise though). We are lucky at the moment, the people there are lovely. We are coming into winter here and have plans to drive 1800 kms to visit all our families, really looking forward to that. Congrats on 113 posts, I'm nearly at 100. Lovely snapdragons xo

secret cake said...

I may be too late to enter your giveaway... : )

This summer I am hoping to finally list some "grab bags" in my Etsy shop, as well as learning how to use my scary serger. Wish me luck!

secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

Christy said...

It's summer here in the tropics and aside from slathering lots of sunscreen, I plan to do lots of outdoor cooking and kicking back with friends.

Thanks for the giveaway treat!

Rosina said...

Cute fabric!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment on my veggie block :)

We plan to do a whole lot of camping, bbq'ing and enjoying being outside :) I'm really looking forward to taking along my hexagon quilt I've been making. I'm sewing the entire thing by hand so no power needed thus very camping friendly LOL.

Happy Mother's Day!

Nancy McGill said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my afghan-in-progress! I'm very happy with the way it's turning out :)

As for my summer plans, I will be working, as usual. I also plan on practicing with fondant, because I'm supposed to be making my sister-in-law's wedding cake come October. Hopefully my efforts will succeed! I will also be spending time tending my little garden, and will hopefully finish up a few crochet and sewing projects! (Not to mention the sewing machine stand I want to refinish!)

Those fabrics are definitely sunny and happy, by the way. They make me smile! :)

Fleurette said...

Hi Erica, congratulations on your 113th post.Summer was spent in Cape Town visiting my daughter,wonderful family time, now its autumn going into winter,mild sunny days so its comfortable to quilt and knit.Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

Betty K said...

I think you should make a parralel-o-gram (whatever!) pillow form to fit your beautiful piece, and amaze your friends that you are so creative!! Display it on your favorite chair, or bed.

I'd like to sign up for the give-a-way. Thanks.