24 June 2010

Hello, hello!

Wow, how long has it been?  I honestly can't remember...maybe it hasn't been that long?  Hmm, 15 days.  That's pretty long!  You know, so many things have been going on here, I barely know where to start!  There are some things I can't tell you quite yet, they'll come later.  (don't get excited, it's nothing that great!)

My parents are coming for a visit on Saturday.  I'm not ready...I had plans to do some stuff, but I'm not finished and today I'm not feeling well at all.  I haven't been drinking enough water (or anything really) and it's caught up with me.  Honestly, it's common for me, I'm just not a drinker...  Usually I get chapped lips and hands, then the headache comes on.  But this one hit hard...  I feel pretty dizzy when I stand up, so no work getting done.  And sadly, though the house is 'clean' the kids are running around and I'm not able to pick up in their wake as I usually do, so things are going to go downhill fast!  ;)

Last time I posted I told you I might be doing something special the weekend after...well, I did.  jj came home one night and handed me an envelope filled with cash and a hotel reservation in a nearby city so I could get a break.  It was so darn sweet of him, and I really did need a break, but it's so hard for me to leave my sweet family, no matter how much I need it.  What I really want is a nice weekend (a mini-road trip would be optimal) with a happy family.  No fussing, no rudeness, no fighting, no defiance...  *sigh*  Just one weekend...is that too much to ask?  Apparently it is...  :(
(View from corner balcony.  This is the direction in which we walked...  :D)

Anyway, the room he got me was perfect!  It was on the 5th floor (the top) on the corner.  It had 2 small balconies and a bigger one on the corner...but no chairs!  What good is a balcony if you can't sit out on it?  But it didn't really matter...I spent a lot of time walking around, crocheting, I even watched a grown-up movie on Saturday morning!  It was The Fourth Kind (careful, there's a trailer).  I rented it because a) I love horror and such, and b) I love Milla Jovovich.  However, I found it incredibly disturbing...incredibly. (it's PG-13.  I don't actually know what it's like to have a 13yo...but I so wouldn't let them watch it.  Maybe 18)  I wanted to go home after that.  But luckily I went to lunch at CPK (love that place) with my family and then my boy came and stayed with me for the second night. We had a wonderful time.  He needed a break too, and I don't get to see him that often because of school...

Now of course, I had a wonderful time because I able to have 'quality time' with him.  We walked to the book store, spent too much money, went to CPK (again) for dinner and sat at the 'bar' to watch the pizzas being made, did some more walking, bought some expensive but yummy cupcakes... It was just so wonderful to have one-on-one time with him.  He, however, had a great time playing with the patio doors...  They opened up, but they could also tilt in on the top to let air in.  He must have opened, closed, and tilted those doors every 5 minutes...seriously!  We also watched too much annoying orange.

(this is what I bought for myself at the book store.  I know, why a stuffed frog?  well, he makes me happy, and it's so fun to annoy jj with him)

So that was my blissful weekend.  When jj and my girl came to pick me up they were so happy to see me.  It's great to be missed...

Hope I didn't bore you with that.  I have another, more fun post to make, but it doesn't relate to this, so I'll just do a separate one!  :)

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