09 June 2010

Bits and pieces...

Hello there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  It takes so long for me to formulate a post, I'm not sure why... but that's why I don't do it so often. I've thought about making them smaller...you know, more frequent but small.  But I gab, don't I?  :D

Perhaps you remember I told you how much I adore Percy Wiseman, my rhododendron friend?  Well here he is in all his glory...  I just love him!  And I love that he has a name with which I sound like I'm talking about a person!  :D

You know, I sat here thinking about what I've worked on that I could share, and it seems like I've done quite a bit compared to usual.  But then, it's been a while since I've shared, so maybe I've not been that productive after all!  Speaking of sharing, I haven't shared many purchases lately.  What?  Did you think I hadn't been buying anything...you silly thing!  ;D

I've been having fun crocheting these hexagons while waiting for my boy at school.  (I am SO going to miss that time when summer break begins!)  I'm doing the 'traditional hexagon 1' in the Harmony Crochet Guide.  LOVE that book!  Love, love, love!  I think they're turning out rather nicely!

And today I made a curtain for my front door with this fabric and it's dotty aqua coordinate.  It looks nice, but I didn't get a good pic...

Today while I was pinning (yes, I was actually pinning!) with a mouthful of pins I remembered that I recently won a lovely pin cushion from Ellen during her Sew Mama Sew giveaway.  I think she'd be sad if I didn't use it, and so I did.  That really is handy, isn't it?  I've always just used my mouth...

I can't believe this year is more than half over.  It's truly passed by without me noticing.  What have I even been doing for the last 6 months?  Maybe I've been smelling too many fabric fumes!  :D

I hope you're having a great week!  So glad tomorrow's thursday... I might have a nice weekend, I'll tell you about it next post if I do!


Chris said...

Hi Erica,
How's the warm and sunny US? It's really cold here - good sewing weather.
Your flower pics are just beautiful and I love the pincushion - it looks knitted. What a shame my mum never taught me to crochet - it's quite certain;y popular these days and I never have time to knit anymore either.
Have a great weekend.

Fleurette said...

Love your crochet hexagons, lovely and bright! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kala said...

I can see why "Percy" would be a favorite. What's not to love about him? Curtains look cute. =]

Cathy said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Erica, I can see why you love them. The hexagons are going to be stunning, I need to learn how to crochet again. I have your crochet flower hanging up in my sewing room and I think of you everytime I see it. Gorgeous curtain. Don't swallow the pins! xo

swedishouse said...

Thank you for you comments ;-) You have been entered to the draw
Good Luck! Lycka Till!
Winners will be announced tomorrow
Julie x

val said...

Hi again! Just wanted to say my Mum always had pins in her mouth when she was sewing. Thank you for reminding me of this precious memory :0)
Like the hexagons, do you ever pop in on Lucy at Attic24? Her crochet ideas are really inspiring.
Also she lives in a lovely part of England - Yorkshire!
blessings, Val xx