11 September 2010

Is it September already...

the columbia river

Where has this year gone?  More importantly, where has the summer gone, and what was I doing when it passed me by?  This has been a crazy-weather-year so far for my tiny part of the world.  We had an unusually warm, dry winter, and cold, rainy summer.  I don't know that I'm complaining, except that the light is dwindling fast, and I feel like it just got here!  I'm just not ready...

How has your summer or winter been so far?  I have to say this summer started with great promise...such great promise, and then I literally lost a good month of it, so I tried to salvage what I could of August.  We went on a lovely trip to eastern WA.  I really like going over there for a change of scenery, especially because it's so close!  We had such a wonderful time there.  I kid you not, the kids didn't even fight once!

mill pond

We stayed in downtown Spokane, so we did a lot of walking (I love walking).  We tried some cute little restaurants that we wouldn't have found had we been in the car.  We toured a dam, went in a cave, did a little hiking.  We even went to this little park thing where they have some carnival rides and I talked the kids into riding the scrambler with me...fun fun!  My boy even tried the tilt-a-whirl.  I just love those little rides.

Perhaps you've noticed a lack of pictures... I didn't take any!  jj got some, but I just didn't want to lug my camera around.  I really need a little point-and-shoot I can carry around in my purse (in a cute little case!).  jj said he'd buy one for me...I'll have to nag him!  ;D

this was like a huge dandelion, but it was so sturdy we couldn't blow the seeds off

I've been doing some crochet, but no pictures.  I'll have to take some and post again...hopefully in a timely fashion.  Until then, enjoy your last bits of summer/winter!


Kala said...

Missed you while you were out. I am so happy that you got to go do some hiking and fun with the family. Can't wait to see what you've been crocheting. Fall is starting to set in here. Cool nights and warm days. And I think I'm alright with it. I do love fall.

corry said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation time with your family. We had it all this summer...hot sunny weather, lots of rain and windy storms. But i guess that's just what summer weather in Holland is.