15 December 2010

Hello! Hello!

Did I show you these yet?  I don't think so.  I adore them!
Hello again.  As usual, it's been a while.  And also as usual, I've been thinking of posting now and again, but just didn't get around to doing it.  Too busy being lazy, I suppose.

a new wreath I bought.  Love the sequins!
I'd like to say that with Christmas coming up I've been jolly happy, but I've been feeling rather humbug lately. Between unauthorized charges on my credit card, jj throwing out his back, the kids fighting and the mantel falling off our fireplace (yes, you heard me right!) I just feel overloaded!   I think there's something else that happened, but it escapes me.  But I'm trying my best to leave all those things behind and move on happily.  What better way to do that than to show you my treasures!

This is my unfinished felt matryoshka.  It's so much fun working on her.  I'm making a set of three for Christmas.  Needless to say they won't get finished.  I'm having a hard time deciding how to decorate them...there are so many possibilities!  I'll just need to make more! ;)

And here's my latest obsession...buttons!  I can't seem to get enough of them!  I need to get out my large milk jar for the pink ones...I have more than shown here.  Love pink!  :D
This is a little busy, but the colors made me happy, so I left it.
And here are my precious glittery buttons.  I just love them.  I have a few more packs on the way.  I found them on sale...yay!
This is a faux penny rug I made a few years ago.  I call it Santa and his sheep.  The sheep were supposed to be reindeer with little branch-like antlers, but I preferred the sheep idea.  :)

 I'll leave you with a picture of my beloved white cabinet.  I have an assortment of trees on it.  Once again, pardon the paint samples.  We'll see if jj gets to that wall before christmas...  :)