04 August 2010

Busy, busy, busy! Or not...

Well hello there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Oh my...more than a month!  Well, I think I've been busy???
Although I'm certain my busy is other people's lazy!  :D  Yes, quite certain!
funny twisty stump

July 6th was jj's and my 11th anniversary.  (Is that proper grammar?  I doubt it...)  We didn't do anything special...we rarely do.  But he told me he was super happy to have me...super.  I love that man!

My parents came up for a stay at that same time.  (Their 41st anniversary was on the 5th, we went to IKEA.  lol)  It was quite the visit.  My dad (and jj) put in 2 new windows.  One a replacement, and another a brand new window in my craft room!  Very exciting!  I wish that had motivated me to start working on the rest of it...but it hasn't.

During their stay I had another visitor!

Isn't he adorable?  How can you not love a moth?!  He's so fuzzy!

We recently took a trip up to Mt. Baker.  Sadly the viewpoint was closed due to avalanches.  It was a nice trip all the same.  I got very sentimental about the days before the kids, when jj and I would camp up there.  Those were fun times...times I hope to recreate with the kids soon.

I've also been crocheting quite a bit.  I've been working on more hexagons.  I think I'll make a cushion cover with some of them.  I made this one recently, and it looks so lonely...

But anyway, I've been playing with other shapes too...  It's so much fun!

clockwise from top left african flower, beata's flower, Harmony Guide flower

I also made a bunting!  I've been wanting to make one for some time now.  I don't think I've seen a picture of one that I haven't liked!  My camera's battery died, hence the absent picture...

And of course, I've been shopping.  I supported my local economy recently, to my detriment.  :)  I do like to shop locally, but the fact is, it's expensive!  My favored local shop is in Bellevue.  It's in a hideous old building, but all the same, I imagine it costs a lot to be right downtown.  I don't like paying for that...

I've also been plant shopping...I can't help myself!  I'm not much of a spanish lavender gal...but this one was so sweet.  And it's a nice contrast with my english lavenders.  And the hydrangea I already had...

Lastly I'll show you my buttons...  I don't remember how I came upon them in Etsy, but I did.  I bought two bags, and it was so much fun going through them that I bought another two!  I think I'm addicted!

Hopefully I'll post again soon.  And hopefully I'll have something of interest to show you!  :)