25 January 2011

Scrappy goodness

Hello again!  Unlike many weeks past, I'm happy to say I have something crafty to show you!  Yes, I've been sewing!  Almost every day for the last week or so.  I know that probably doesn't sound like much, but for me it's close to a record.

You know, barely a weekend goes by that I don't desire to sew.  But right now, while my craft room is basically in bins, I can't bring myself to do it.  First there's the deciding what I want to do (there are so many things after all).  Then there's the finding of fabric...quite the task having to search through multiple bins.  So I don't do anything.  Then the other weekend I remembered I had some BOMs from a while ago (2007) that I never finished.  So I picked one out, and it was so much fun!  No, I don't love the fabric they used, but it was just nice to sew!

One night I was looking through my rulers and found one with pattern suggestions.  One really struck me and so through the bins I went.  It was difficult, but I pulled through.  :D

Above are more strips waiting to be assembled.  I like to think you'll see a finished product from me soon as I'm sticking with a cushion cover.  It'd make a lovely quilt, but let's be serious... :)

On another colorful note, we're painting our living room red!  I'm so happy with it, and jj seems to be too.  We still need to order a new mantle shelf, as the other (ugly) one fell off.  I promise I didn't do it on purpose!  ;D
ugh!  the wood stove is uneven and so ugly.  but let's not go there...it kept us warm in a power outage.
Today is my girl's 5th birthday, and she's celebrating with chickenpox.  So today's a lazy day at home (ha ha...every day is a lazy day at home!)  But she has a new play kitchen to keep her busy.  :)  It even has a little washer!  I she had to have it!

I hope your week is going well!

04 January 2011

Happy New Year! Update!

01/07  I WON!  I won this giveaway!  Can you believe it?  I'm very excited.  
I do hope you've been doing well.  I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday, and having my boy at home.  But we're back to normal now, and I'm slowly coming around to it.  :)

Anyway, I hadn't planned on a post today...I don't have anything of worth to share.  I do intend to collect myself this week, and maybe I'll have something to show.

So the reason for this post is because I stumbled upon this giveaway, which you may be interested in.

You can win a copy of this new magazine.  I'm anxious to see what its like.  It's a very pretty cover, don't you think?  And the header for that blog is fantastic.  Hmm...I should make a new one for myself for the new year...we'll see about that!

Have a great week!