25 January 2011

Scrappy goodness

Hello again!  Unlike many weeks past, I'm happy to say I have something crafty to show you!  Yes, I've been sewing!  Almost every day for the last week or so.  I know that probably doesn't sound like much, but for me it's close to a record.

You know, barely a weekend goes by that I don't desire to sew.  But right now, while my craft room is basically in bins, I can't bring myself to do it.  First there's the deciding what I want to do (there are so many things after all).  Then there's the finding of fabric...quite the task having to search through multiple bins.  So I don't do anything.  Then the other weekend I remembered I had some BOMs from a while ago (2007) that I never finished.  So I picked one out, and it was so much fun!  No, I don't love the fabric they used, but it was just nice to sew!

One night I was looking through my rulers and found one with pattern suggestions.  One really struck me and so through the bins I went.  It was difficult, but I pulled through.  :D

Above are more strips waiting to be assembled.  I like to think you'll see a finished product from me soon as I'm sticking with a cushion cover.  It'd make a lovely quilt, but let's be serious... :)

On another colorful note, we're painting our living room red!  I'm so happy with it, and jj seems to be too.  We still need to order a new mantle shelf, as the other (ugly) one fell off.  I promise I didn't do it on purpose!  ;D
ugh!  the wood stove is uneven and so ugly.  but let's not go there...it kept us warm in a power outage.
Today is my girl's 5th birthday, and she's celebrating with chickenpox.  So today's a lazy day at home (ha ha...every day is a lazy day at home!)  But she has a new play kitchen to keep her busy.  :)  It even has a little washer!  I she had to have it!

I hope your week is going well!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Darling fabrics! Amazing together.

Impera_Magna said...

I love your new red living room! How exciting is that!

Happy birthday to your DD... hope she recovers from the chicken pox quickly!

Cathy said...

Your strippy sewing here is gorgeous Erica! Love the colours. I know what you mean about finding it all too hard sometimes just to make a choice of what to make, let alone what fabric to use!! Happy Birthday to DD, may her chicken pox not be too itchy! xo

Cathy said...

PS, Love the red wall, we are currently painting ours a bright green!! xo

Kala said...

Love the red wall!!! Sorry about the chicken pox's. No fun there. We got my oldest daughter a kitchen when she was 3. She started playing and then stopped and looked at me and said "Where's the dishwasher?" I told her that she was the dishwasher. Now that we don't have one in this old house, she still complains about not having one. Hope all get healthy and stay healthy.

Jackie said...

Love the strips, just so colorful. And of the red in the living room is wonderful. So sorry your daughter has the chickenpox. I hope she is now on the road to recovery and that her 5th birthday wasn't too bad. But I am sure that you made it special for her!

dutch sisters said...

Your red wall is very daring and I love it! lovely strips..I can't wait to see the end result!