03 February 2011

Do you know what's good about today?

adding to my collection of 30's squares
It means tomorrow is Friday!  :D  Don't get me wrong, today hasn't been a bad day or anything, but my motivation left me a good hour into it.  Now I'm ready for the weekend.  I just hope we do something fun...I want to drive to and then walk somewhere!  (Not said with excitement, but with determination...)

So I believe I mentioned that I've been (what I would call) productive lately.  Well yesterday I read about a Project-a-Day challenge of sorts and decided I'd join!   I want to stop thinking and start doing!  My only real goal/resolution this year was to do something each week.  It could be the tiniest thing, just so I could say something was done or worked on.  Taking this challenge seemed to fit right in, only in boot-camp style, taking my 'something a week' idea and making it 'something a day.'  So far I've kept up...yes, I do realize it's only the 3rd, and that I haven't actually done anything yet today, but still! :)  Though for me blogging could totally count. For whatever reason it takes me forever to do...

So anyway, this is what I worked on yesterday.  Some petals for another petal pillow like I made for Chris.  I just loved hers so much, I must have one too!  0:)

I didn't bother taking a picture of the previous day's project because it's disappointing.

I'm half-way with my strippy project.  I just need to buy something to complete it, which I'll be doing this weekend.  

Also, last week(?) I started making some hexagons while I waited for my boy after school.  I'm very excited about this project...I'm making it in anticipation for the completion of my craft room...which is nowhere in sight.  :D   I was going at such a great pace until I ran out of the papers!!!  But I ordered some and they're on their way.  There's no way I'm making my own! (lazy)

So, you see, though various things are trying to thwart me, I'm getting things done.  And (knock on wood) I plan to complete all three of these projects soon.  There's no reason I shouldn't be able to...beside my intense laziness.   Wish me luck!  :)

Hope to chat with you soon!

EDIT:  The fabric for the hexagons is a mix of 30's repros I've been collecting over the years...so there's no specific collection.  (They're rather addicting!  :D)


Hen said...

Oooh Erica, what gorgeous things there are going on in this post! That fabric looks divine as do all your projects. Look forward to seeing the finished strippy blocks... Have a great weekend.
Hen xxx

Natalie said...

Hi Erica,
I just love your hexies, they are so colourful! Would you mind me asking what fabric range they are from please? Looking forward to seeing your project
Nat, Western Australia

Kala said...

I'm loving the hexie fabric. Can't wait to see the finished project. The strippy blocks are fabulous. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

dutch sisters said...

Mmmmmmm, nice. I do think I have enough projects going, but maybe a strippy blocks quilt ...Good luck!

groetjes, corry

Samelia's Mum said...

I love your strippy hexagons. So bright and cheerful.

I'm a new follower :-)