27 April 2011


Hello!  I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged.  Long story short, I had a crappy March and I've been busy doing nothing.  Except for my pillow for the Blogger's Pillow Party.  Yes, a late entry!  And not the entry I intended.  No...this morning, with tears, I realized that the pillow I've been thinking about making for months, and perfect for the Pillow Party, just wasn't going to get done in time.  I procrastinated, plain and simple.  But hopefully you'll see it later, assuming I ever want to touch it again!

So in comes the lemonade part  You know that whole, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?'  So that's what I did this afternoon.  I already had my solids out, so I went ahead and made another pillow...we'll call her Lemonade.

Of course the light today is absolutely awful!  These pictures were actually taken in the brightest part of the afternoon!  Again, if I hadn't procrastinated I could have waited for a bright day...

This is the back...The brown part is linen.  Wrinkle city!

She will call our family room couch home.  It could use some sprucing up.  (ick, the lighting in this picture is just awful!) 

We'll see if it she hold up with the kids.  :)

Hopefully I'll check back soon to share a little trip we took last weekend...