20 May 2011

Giveaway Alert!

Yes, I'm blogging just to enter a giveaway! :)  But you see, Pink Castle Fabrics is giving away 5 half yards of AMH's new loulouthi, and I feel that I, and a lot of you, need that! 

So here are the choices. 

(Pics taken from the Pink Castle blog.  She kindly numbered them for us.)

My picks are 1, 5, 6, 17 and 25.  Man, it's hard to choose!  I planned to pick the large-scale stuff.  Why, you ask?  Because I just bought the entire fat quarter bundle from her!  Woo!  :)  And I have a feeling the big prints are really big, so I'll need more! But...I really love #17.  And do I need 3 colorways of the same print?  Shouldn't I mix it up?  It's not fun being indecisive...

Which ones would you pick?  Seriously, I'd love to know...

Good luck if you enter!  And thank you Jennifer for the heads-up!

16 May 2011


Hello there!  You know the other day, Friday maybe, I had the desire to blog.  You may know that it takes a lot for me to blog.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I'm slow, or because I have nothing of worth to say?  Anyway, wouldn't you know that Blogger was down for maintenance that day!

Today is a chilly.  Chilly and rainy, and my mouse hand is freezing!  I'm considering baking some cookies, but this type of day enhances my laziness.  Though the warmth of the oven is tempting!  ;D

So this is what I've been up to.

You might remember I started out with this...but it felt a little buzy.  I rather like the white edges.

As you can see I decided to add the red to my runner.  I'm glad I did.  Technically, I can call it done as I backed it with a fusible stabilizer.  No one will see the back.  But I did buy some felt, and I could stitch around the hexagons.  We'll see.
At the top you can see the legs of Corry's lovely bird.  I couldn't seem to get a straight shot, this was the least crooked,

That's about all I've done this past week.  I haven't started the back of the pillow yet, but I have an idea of the layout.  I'm want to use the leftover squares.  I think I'll do a zipper this time too, as it'll make the pattern easier to accomplish, and I'm all about easy! ;)

I never did tell you about our lovely weekend trip.  We love little weekend getaways.  It seems we don't do it as often as we used to.  The kids had a great time playing on the beaches, even though it was 50 degrees and often there was a slight, cool breeze.

picnic anyone?

Until next time...

10 May 2011

I love my stash...es

Our friend Lemonade is such a happy pillow
Can a girl have too many stashes?  Yeah, maybe, but I love my stashes.  My beads, my yarn, my scrapbooky goodies, and my fabric...ooo, my fabric, that might be my favorite one.  So why am I talking about them?  Well because the other day I was in my local craft store.  (It's what I'll call a high end craft store, with the same stuff you'll find in a local quilt, bead or scrap store.  I love it....maybe too much.)  Anyhoo, I needed some interfacing...just interfacing.  I purposely avoided the bead and scrapbook section, but alas!  Right in front of the cash registers was a trunk show of wonderful beads!  So I reluctantly looked...well you know the end of that story!  I swear I cannot go to that store without spending more money than I have.  Ugh!
It looks unfocused, but if you click to enlarge, it's better.

I don't need any more beads!  What I need is to use them!  I thought I'd show you some of my favorites, or should I say my favorite color...seafoamy, turquoisy green/blue.  Nice decisive label, eh?  :D  I'm always drawn to this color.  It's a sickness.

Speaking of sickness, I've also been acquiring fabric.  I bought Denyse Schmidt's Joann line.  I know there are those who poo poo Joann.  I can't say I like the store, but it is Denyse after all.  I did feel a little odd paying $10 a yard though...ugh, typing it affirms how odd I feel about it.  That's more than I'd pay online, or maybe even in a quilt store.  Yuck!  But I love it... ;)

As you can see, it's reminiscent of some of her older stuff...
new, old, old, new

I also bought her Hope Valley line...  Yum! 

Aaanndd, I bought Patricia Bravo's Bohemian Soul line...
wow, the bottom of this picture is super out of focus

Aaanndd, I bought some scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads.  Now don't go buying them all, I want more too!  I'm slightly obsessed with them.  I've been burned by crappy scraps before, but these are amazing!  (says me)

I'm making a pillow out of some of them...

Speaking of pillows...my Lemonade won the Blogger's Pillow Party!  Yes, WON!  I couldn't believe it.  That feels odd too...  Let's add another oddity, shall we?  jj really likes it.  As in, I got more of a reaction out of him from this last-minute pillow than I've gotten from anything I've made before!  I think it's the linen...