30 April 2012

Hello Hello!

Well hello there!  It's been quite a while, hasn't it?  It feels so good to blog again.  I've meant to so many times, but I just didn't do it.  It takes me a long time...or at least it feels like it.  I can only assume that's what deters me.  I've noticed lately that I do a lot of things too slowly. 

Anyhoo, I have a story.  Back in November of last year my sewing machine broke.  When I turned it on it made this horrible noise...the screen didn't come up and the needle didn't move.  Well I was busy with the holiday preparations so I put it off.  For whatever reason the holidays bog me down mentally, and I pretty much shut off except for doing the baking and decorating essentials.  :)

Well February came along and I was finally out of my holiday funk (told you I was slow...) and I wanted to sew.  So I brought my machine in for service.  A week went by and I got a message saying essentially my motherboard was fried and it would cost $350 to replace.  I gave consent and expected it back the next week.  But no, it wasn't ready.  The guy said the part was due in the next day and I should have it back next week (they only pick up the machines on Wednesdays).  Long story short, there was very poor communication and I had to put jj on the case.  :)  Apparently they had to order the part directly from Germany, and the first one they received was faulty.  And then another part broke while they were fixing the one.  So after 7 or 8 weeks I finally got my machine back!  :/  What a mess!  But I'm so happy to have it back, though it acts a little differently now.  :(  After all that, I paid a little more than half of what it would cost to get a new machine.  But the guy told me that my machine was one of the better ones and that they don't make them quite as well anymore, so I feel better.  :)

I've been slightly productive.  I started a bunting using vintage sheets.  I love buntings and I love vintage sheets!

I made a wreath with vintage sheet strips.  I'm not 100% happy with it.  My wreath form is too skinny.  I don't have a pic.  Maybe I'll do that later...

When the whole embroidery hoops as wall decor thing started I just didn't get it.  But the more I saw them the more I thought...what a great way to display some of my favorite fabrics.  I could have covered canvases with them too, I suppose.  Anyhoo, I'm finding it difficult to decide just which ones to use.

And let me tell you, living out of bins is annoying!  But my craft room is so close to being finished.  SO close!  We're getting the moulding up now!  Woo!  I can't wait to decorate it and show pictures.
Note the cabinet and shelf trying to share the same space?  Yet another reason I can't wait for my bins to get out of the living room!  They take up all the space.

I hope this is the start of more blogging.  It didn't take all that long to do this time...

Enjoy your day!