13 July 2012

A peek

Hello there!  I'm back!  :)  And with news...well, sort of news.  My room is (practically) finished!  Just the window moulding is left.  Ahh, it's the best room in the house, by far.  And I shall have a reveal of sorts very soon.  I haven't actually used it yet though.  For one thing, we've been vacationing and visiting, and another, it's going to be hard to leave my dining room-crafting ways.  It's rather cozy in here.  I'm right where the action is and all.  But I do hope to bring some action into my room.  Give the kids fun things to work on and whatnot.  Here's a peak!

I love my door!

I love my knob!

So for now I'll show you some pictures of what we've been up to.  :)

We went camping about a month ago.  It was COLD.  In the mid 40's (that's 5C for my int'l friends.  Is that right?  My calculator says so, but that sounds so cold...)
the river was loud.  my girl asked if they turned it off at night.  :D

 The campfire was my friend, to say the least.  And I believe* I broke my little toe 2 weeks before, so it was a little unhappy, but luckily it didn't hurt once we started walking for extended bits of time.  I guess it warmed up my foot.  Yay. (*I never went to the doctor, but when I smacked it against the concrete I heard a snap, and it's still swollen looking after almost 2 months.  Yes, I know, I should go to the doctor.)
love this place.  so beautiful.
such beautiful weeds
And then my parents came for a visit, and we took a drive east...
there's little I like better than mountains.  they call to me, "erica, come visit us..."

Well, I hope to post again soon with some craft room eye candy.  I hope you'll love it as much as I do.  :)