10 May 2012

A creative mess...

Well hello there!  :)  I'm very happy to say it's Thursday!  Thursday is my second favorite day of the week.  It's filled with the anticipation of Friday, the first best day.  I imagine some people prefer Saturday, but I enjoy looking forward to it instead.  :)

Today my girl's class had a mother's day tea party.  It was fun.  I, unfortunately, had to join the class in a 'chicken dance.'  I'm not big on doing such things...  I made lemon-poppyseed cupcakes and lemon bars for the occasion.  Unfortunately, I have some extras...fewer now than this morning.  0;D

I don't have any finished projects to share with you today.  I hate to use such terms, but I imagine I might be considered as having ADD.  I can't stand to focus on (aka finish) one thing at a time.  So right now I still have that bunting to finish, I've started on another pillow project, I bought a crochet pattern (one of SO many I desire to do) and I'm putting fabrics in hoops.  Oh, and I started on my Single Girl a while back (it's going to take me forever).

Here is the beginnings of my new pillow project. 
note the classic foot-in-photo shot.  lovely socks... :D
I ran out of buttons to cover!  Don't you absolutely hate it when you want to do something and you don't have what you need?  Agh!!!  On the left you can see some of my yummy beads (I made a few pairs of earrings the other day) and my hoops in progress,

I love the threads too...

I hesitate to show you my ugly blue carpet, but you know, it is what it is, and there are too many other things to do before we replace it (she says with disappointment). :)

I can't wait to show you the super-cute crochet pattern I bought, but for whatever reason I can't seem to bring myself to sit and work on it...strange.

These are some leftover bits of fabric from my button making.  I like the shape...

And lastly, a funny little story.  My girl takes a card making class after school.  The other day she said she made our cat a card.  Well she actually 'gave' it to her.  The cat was on jj's truck. It was so cute...

Hope you have a great weekend!  :)