17 April 2013

I have a goal!

 Hello there!  I haven't blogged in forever, I know.  But today I felt the need.  I'm on a mission.  I *must* stop spending money!  must, must, must!  I don't need more things.  And we're talking about craft things, of course.  Do I want more?  Oh yes, I certainly do.  Am I in love with 3/4 of the new things that come out?  Indeed.  And why, I ask, must they release new things so often?  And why must I have such a broad range of likes?  Ugh...this is going to be quite the task, indeed.  I give it a week before I start going crazy!  :D

I haven't been keeping up on my blogs lately.  Maybe I've been too busy browsing the online shops.  Blog reading is difficult too.  Don't you find that you can see something in an online shop and feel blah about it, but then you see what someone's actually done with it suddenly you *need* it?  I do...all the time.

I would love it if you would share, in the comments, tips and tricks you've used to try not to spend money.  Maybe you have a fun story, or are trying to do the same thing.

I haven't been up to a ton.  I've mostly been scrapbooking because my paper-fun table is in my craft room, but my sewing table is not.  At least that's my excuse.  I started doing this thing called Project Life this year.  It's quite nice.

Here's a page I just recently finished...

Nothing special, but I just loved that trip and so the photos make me super-happy.

The pic at the top of the post is something I made with my silhouette machine.  I saw something similar, a print, on etsy and just loved it.  I just stuck strips of some of my vintage sheets behind the cutouts.  The one on etsy had a cute girl on, and was therefore much cuter than mine, but I'm thinking I might cut out a flower from a vintage sheet and put it in the white space.  

We had a special visitor to the bird feeder recently.  He's a pileated woodpecker.  He's huge...and loud.  Love him.

Hopefully I'll be writing more often now that I won't be shopping.  But I've said that before, haven't I?  :D

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